Dream Seekers

A-ha Moments

Date: 6/6/1479 DR



After finishing up things, the Seekers returned Mystra’s Tear to Lord Methrammar, agreed to join the Silvercloaks, and then went to speak to the Sage Thanagaj about the Mother Node seals

When the Seekers awoke after a good nights sleep, Aria took the time to cast the ritual for sending the Raven Diadem to Elminster that she had retrieved from the Lady’s College in Silverymoon. Just as she was finishing up, there came a knock on her door, which she could hear repeated down the hallway on the doors of the other companions. She readied herself and then opened the door to find Nyx rounding everyone up so that they could return Mystra’s Tear, which they had found the night before. Zanne found a nearby guard, and asked if they could be taken to see Lord Methrammar? The guard led them through the halls of the High Palace, announcing their request outside the Lord’s Chambers. Hardly any time had passed before they were being shown inside. Lord Methrammar looked to be in good health this morning, sitting up straighter than he had been the afternoon before. The Gnome presented him with Mystra’s tear, glowing in all of it’s powerful magics. As she looked at it, Aria realized that this artifact dwarfed in power the diadem that she’d just sent Elminster. The High Lord was ecstatic that they’d been able to recover the Tear and gladly rewarded them for their efforts. He then asked the group if they had considered his invitation to replace the Silver Cloaks. Zanne and Dredge immediately stepped forward and accepted the responsibilities and rewards given by donning the magical cloak. Aria rolled her eyes at the “rivals” both being united in purpose. Fera and Nyx quietly conferred on the sidelines, deciding that they had better join as well, since their not agreeing to, might bring trouble down on the group anyway. The High Lord stood, with renewed vigor and called them all forward to anoint them to the office of Silver Cloak. He promised that their cloaks would be readied by that afternoon, and that they would receive 20% discounts at all of the stores in the city.

When the group asked the Lord if he knew where Cid was, he told them that he’d been up early working reparations to Ragnarok, but that he would meet them at the 10th morning bell at the house of the Sage Thanagaj. That was over an hour away, time for them to have breakfast and for Dredge to run an errand. He returned to the The Shining Scroll to return the gloves that he’d liberated from Chucklefoot’s possession, to pay her for working on his Dredge Decks. He also worked out a way to have one of them delivered specially. Xara loved it and told him that she was enjoying the challenge that he’d presented her in making the decks in the first place. She thanked him for returning the gloves and then Dredge headed back to the High Palace to lead the group to Thanagaj’s house.

Cid met them in front of the sage’s house and the rest of the group was slightly disconcerted to find that Dredge had been here before… but the shaman always had his secrets. Inside, they found the old sage bustling around, moving stacks of papers so everyone would have a place to sit. He started off by informing the group that after his visit from Cid and the Revenant the day before, he’d done a lot of research and found something that should interest the group a great deal. It was something written by a prophetess of Deneir over 300 years ago. From high on a shelf, he pulled down a very old looking scroll, which he unrolled and handed to Dredge to read. Nyx tried to tell the old man that Dredge was blind, especially since he was holding the scroll upside down, but Thanagaj reassured her that he wasn’t a sage in name only… Sure enough, Dredge began to read aloud:

Behold, many are called, but few are chosen dream seekers. They are not chosen because their hearts are hardened and set on the things of the world, unable to rise above the base desires of their hearts. Few have their hearts set on the right things of the world; few have the integrity which sets their souls aglow in the darkness around them. These few shall be weeded out and planted together in richer soil to follow the dreams that will either guide them or tear them apart.

This miracle baby has known both great fortune and great loss in his life, but the tragedy was necessary to put him on the right path. A badge of silver replaced his cloak, but his oath was never broken. Upon the wings of the “destruction of the gods” he will soar, if he will but trust in the runestone conferred to him. High in the mountains between Netheril and Delzoun he will find the dragon’s soul. His role has thus been one of support, but one could never wish for stronger shoulders.

  • Cid indicated that this was what Lady Saharel had said about him.
  • He had indeed given up his Silver Cloak, but always kept his oath
  • Ragnarok meant “destruction of the gods” in the old tongue, which his grandfather’s runestone powered.
  • They had indeed found the airship where it was mentioned here.

Thanagaj then asked the blind man to continue reading, even though the scroll was now held sideways.

Music floats like the wind through the leaves of this family tree, but betrayal runs deep through its roots. Family will draw her close, but push her away, though they are the guardians of the Menhirs. The Perfect Song grows within her, so she’ll be taken under wing by the shepherd turned bandit, turned thief, turned woman, turned mage and thus become a protector of the Realms as his progeny. His dilemmas become hers and the blue fire curse will destroy the Realms unless Mystra’s Tears save him. Salvation lies in the ruins of the Serpent Kings. Yea, a broken stair climbs on darkest night into the twilight beyond.

  • Aria admitted that this was her part
  • Thanagaj pointed out that the script spoke of betrayal in her family, of which the bard knew nothing. He pointed out that she ought to research that
  • Nyx and Zanne’s parts also speak of Menhirs
  • Thanagaj recognized that the passage spoke of Elminster, but asked if she knew that she was part of his progeny? This was also a shock to her. Knowing that she’d be a defender of the realms in his stead was a little overwhelming as well, not to mention that somehow Mystra’s Tear would save him
  • Location: Ruins of the Serpent kings in Okoth, where a broken stair is said to lie.

Thanagaj pointed out that he noticed a pattern; that the last few lines of everyone’s part led to a location. Since they were somehow tied to the Silver Cloaks, then maybe these locations would lead them to the Seals.

His dark heart will find redemption through love, but love will not be enough, in the beginning, to undo the mistakes of the past. The band around his dark heart and finger won’t stop death, but when combined with a strong will and a God’s blessing, living and dead hearts are deeply tied in spirit thus second chances are possible. A deadly enemy could have a change of heart, becoming the truest ally, whereas trusted allies might become his worst enemies. Darkness can fade to light and back, like counting the falling grains of sand. Sometimes, only in darkness can one see clearly.

  • This section referred to Dredge
  • It clarified that he had been brought back for a purpose, and that he had been married previously. That love was part of why he was back.
  • An enemy could become a friend, a friend could be an enemy
  • Location: Thanagaj can only guess that since Dredge’s past seems to be from Menzoberranzan, then somewhere in that Underdark city, a seal must be hidden. Since Dredge has no recollection of the city, he has no idea where to begin his search.
Born from the people of the earth, responsibility lay upon her shoulders, foretold by flash of lightning at her birth. She will travel with a dozen stars, a long path to tread to save her people before they are freed from one of their own, in a pit of their own making. The dreams will frighten her but they will lead her true because they are shared by one who is dear. Companions will conduct her like stepping stones across the deepest sea. If she sinks, she shall be guided through the maze of the stars to return balance to the nature of things.

  • This part refers to Fera and the lightning that foretold her greatness
  • Fera admitted that she was part of 12 who left her tribe to search for a cure
  • Thanagaj made it sound like one of her own had taken the tribe (Dredge mumbled that he had never trusted Kyoka, which earned him a glare from the Warden)
  • Someone dear shares the dreams with her?
  • Location: Sounds like a seal lies beneath the Sea of Fallen Stars
Though growing up lost within a large family, she will break out and find her own way. No matter how much she tries to put the past behind her, deep within her heart still holds it dear. Yea, a mother’s love, once suffocating, may actually set her free. Her heart is locked by a crystal key in Menhir’s embrace, placed for her by a knowing forerunner. The wilds of the fey hide a dark secret to which others want to lay claim, but which only a competitor may touch.

  • Nyx rolled her eyes when she heard this part, giving herself away.
  • Thanagaj reminded her that her mother’s love might be stifling, but it might also save her. Nyx gripped the key in her pouch that she had found in Xanarin’s trove.
  • A Crystal key ties into the Menhirs mentioned in Aria and Zanne’s sections
  • Location: Another seal seems to lie in the Feywild, but her rival is somehow tied into that as well. Grr.
He comes from a lineage of heroes guided by a revered blade, but one of hidden shame. Behold, weapons can be used to do great good in the world, or they can unleash great evil. Understanding his past will help him face his future, but his blood thus keeps him from his rightful bequest. Unbeknownst to him, he holds the key to the ancient columns. Seeking the seals will guide him to the one trying to control his fate; his dreams will help him hold true to the path. Following the path from the orc’s games to where his Spirit Soars, he will find that for which he searches.

  • This section refers to Zanne
  • Zanne is curious to know about Calibourne and learns that it was his Great Grandfather’s sword, that had been struck during the Spellplague, when Abeir and Toril were slammed together. The blade was thus plagued, but not like living beings were. His grandfather had used it, but not his father, thus the blade was sleeping when it was passed to him. His actions were awakening it’s true potential. But according to this, it had played a part in unleashing a great evil.
  • Thanagaj asked if he had received his bequest with his father’s passing? Zanne had not and learned that something in it was tied to the Ancient Columns (Menhirs) that are spoken of in regards to Aria and Nyx.
  • Locations: His seems to indicate that he needs to visit the Kingdom of Many-Arrows, where Koye’s father, Thrall lived. Then on to Erlkazar where the Spirit Soaring resides.
Beauty and the Beast, thus born of tragedy and from dual worlds, will find comfort in the presence of the other. The beast will throw himself into everything he does, but will still lose his father to the guilt within his heart. The beauty will follow nature’s path, far from the roots of betrayal in her family tree. A close friend will bring the Dreamers together. If they remain with the chosen, they will discover many blessings in the service of the Realms, if they leave; their deaths will start a chain reaction leading the end of the dream.

  • Saddened, the group explained that this section referred to their dead allies, Koye and Nomi
  • Somehow Koye’s death would lose his father to the guilt inside
  • There was betrayal in Nomi’s family as well, since she and Aria are cousins….
  • A friend of hers would bring them together. Tally Maran?
  • If they leave the Seekers, their deaths will lead to the end, not very encouraging knowing that they were dead
Thus, from disparate corners of the Realms will the Dreams be combined, flowing together, mayhaps, creating a new dream. The flow of the world may stem from a central spot, but the gods willing, the seals must be broken for the world to be saved, otherwise all shall be lost, and magic destroyed forever.

  • This part about the seals needing to be destroyed shocked the group! They thought that they were supposed to be finding and protecting the seals…. They weren’t sure how to take this part of the prophecy.

Thanagaj then asked the group where they planned on heading next? According to the prophecy, the 5 seals were located:

  • Okoth
  • Menzoberranzan
  • Sea of Fallen Stars
  • Feywild
  • Spirit Soaring

But there were other locations to consider as well. After much deliberation the group decided to visit in this order:
1. Kingdom of Many-Arrow
2. Spirit Soaring
3. Akanul
4. Aglarond

After that they would visit, in an undetermined order:



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