Dream Seekers

Date: 6/6-11/1479 DR


Silver Cloaks Whole Group Lord Methrammar 20% Discount
Dredge Deck Zanne Xara Found next to his bed

With a new sense of direction and new cloaks, the group leaves Silverymoon, making a short stop, heading to the kingdom of Many-Arrows to follow up on Thrall.

After their meeting with Thanagaj, the group split up to get last minute supplies, while Fera headed outside the town to do some hunting. Zanne went and had his wolf bonded to him as a familiar. That night as the New Silver Cloaks met in a nearby inn, Fera and Dredge toasted the group as they set off with a clear cut direction, finally. They feasted well, with Zanne and Cid drinking long into the night.

Nyx and Dredge getting tattoos

The next morning as they rose to set off, besides his bed, Zanne found a letter:

Dearest Zanne,

Words can't describe how much I enjoyed the other night with you! Those drinks you introduced me to were delicious and then what came afterwards was a little piece of heaven! Since words can't relay my appreciation, please accept these magic cards instead. Whenever you're in Silverymoon, please call on me again.

With adoration,


Included with the letter were some strange tarot cards, which he would later learn were called the Dredge Deck.

As the New Silver Cloaks were loading onto the Ragnarok, Dredge announced that before heading to the Kingdom of Many-Arrows, he would greatly appreciate it if the group could stop by the Oursepaw Tribe for a moment? The group wondered why, but all that the Shaman would reveal was that there was someone there who should have more information on Jagannatha. With no argument, the group makes the day trip.

See Back to the Oursepaw Tribe for all of the details.

As Dredge returned with Nitara in tow, the rest of the group was understandably surprised. Nyx joked that they now had another freeloader aboard, but Nitara reassured the group that she was adept at cooking and that if the Warder could collect herbs when she went hunting, then she’d be willing to make potions and alchemical items for the group (for a price, of course). Aria gave the elf Dredge’s room on the ship, since he didn’t sleep anyway, and she and Fera went to get her settled.

With the side trip out of the way, the group set off for the Kingdom of Many Arrows. Two days later, the group found their airship soaring over the Spine of the World mountains. They could make out Dark Arrow Keep in the distance, but fearing attacks by the orcs, Cid decided that it would be best to set the ship down about 10 miles southwest of the Keep. He and Nitara stayed on board while the New Silver Cloaks saddled their mounts and then rode towards the landmarks that the captain had given them.

At the gates of the Keep they were met with guards who were reticent to let them enter, but as they demanded to meet with King Obould, they were finally granted access, but closely guarded as the group was led through the labyrinthine, although strangely empty halls.

Sitting on the Horned Throne was a very intelligent looking orc, who must be King Obould 17th. He demanded to know why such a strange group was in his kingdom? Aria and Dredge step forward as speakers and would only tell him that they had an important message for Thrall, the father of Koye (Dead), a message only meant for him. King Obould wasn’t too happy about that, but he agreed to help them, if they’d help him first. Reluctantly, they asked what he needed. He explained that today was the annual Blood Bowl tournament, but the human team that was supposed to fight, hadn’t arrived yet and his people were growing restless. He asked if they would take the missing team’s place? The group wasn’t sure if this was what they wanted to do, but Dredge, consulting his Vagabond Dice, suddenly announced that they could only achieve their goal through strength of arms, so they’d do it! King Obould was relieved while the rest of the group gave the Revenant the dirtiest looks they could.

With Obould in the lead, the group is led to a room where they are told to lock away their gear, weapons, and armor and the rules of the game are explained to them: The goal of the game is to find the Blood Ball in one of the booby trapped chests, and then run it to the End Zone of the opposing team to win. With those few instructions, they are left to prepare, while Nyx worries over someone stealing her shinies.

Nyx started off the game, running straight up the middle and choosing the first chest she came to. Her gnomish luck held true and it held the Blood Ball. As the crowd sucks in a collective gasp, the Orcs run up the middle to intercept the ball. The rest of the Silver Cloaks charge forward to block. Dredge steps into a teleportation circle and is teleported to centerfield where he sets up a Cloud of Darkness blocking line of sight. Nyx uses a cantrip to make the real ball invisible, while using another to create the image of a fake ball that she hands to Zanne. The rogue then hands the real ball off to Aria and goes invisible as Zanne hits her. On her next turn, she sneaks through orcish defenders without being detected. The Orcs rush the center room where one of them knocks Fera, in panther form, prone, Dredge is knocked down, while Zanne and Aria are pushed backwards. On his next turn, Zanne pushes past an Orc and into a teleportation circle and appears just to the right of the End Zone, with the fake ball in hand. The crowd is going wild, telling the Orc team to turn around. Aria flips over the Orc in front of her and runs into the next room, where she hits Nyx, who has just begun to turn visible again, rendering her invisible once more and hands her the invisible ball. Fera gets up and knocks the Orc next to her prone. Dredge steps back into the teleportation circle and ends up back near their team’s End Zone. Invisible, Nyx races into the opposing teams End Zone and starts doing a victory dance with a now visible ball, but she still can’t be seen. The fearful shrieking from the audience clues her in that she’s frightening everyone as she fades back into sight. The crowd goes wild! They have never seen a Blood Bowl game like this, played before.

Roped into playing a game they didn’t want to
Invisible Nyx doing a victory dance with the ball

The New Silver Cloaks are hailed as champions and given a golden statue to commemorate their winning. After the game, the halls of the Keep are filled with partying Orcs, as the group is led back to the throne room where a lone orc awaits them. King Obould introduces them to Yurak, Thrall’s oldest, full orc, son and then leaves them to join the revelry. The group let’s Yurak know that they were companions of Koye and that they wonder if they can speak with his father? Yurak snorts in disgust and asks how well they know his father? Dredge responded that they know that he’s been a drunkard for many years now. The orc laughed and admitted that they know him well. Ever since he’d returned from the Human lands with a half-human baby in tow, he’d never been the same, always drinking and wasting his time and money. The Orc brothers were all left to raise the weakling half-human on their own and they were glad when he left. About a month ago, Thrall received word that his baby boy was in trouble, so he put on his armor (which no longer fit over his bulbous gut) and went haring off to Spirit Soaring to try and save him. He hadn’t been seen since. With another snort of disgust, Yurak left them to digest that information. Aria admits that Spirit Soaring had been their next destination, so this worked out well…

As the group is trying to find their way back out of the Keep, Dredge disappears for a short while to follow up on a lead and then rejoins the group before he’s even been missed. He had needed to meet up with a contact of Kimmuriel named Bruhvayas

After a few mis-twists and turns, the group finally finds the gate and leaves the Orc Kingdom behind. They mount up and work to return to the Ragnarok, but as they pass a broken down tower, a lone figure leaps at the Revenant, dual scimitars, white hair, and green cloak giving him away as the famous Drizzt Do’urden. Why are drow monsters and their hunting party so far from Menzoberranzan, he asks as he slashed Dredge, then danced between him to also hit Zanne and Aria, knocking them from their mounts. “Other Drow parties have been seeking Gauntlgrym as well, but they haven’t found it any more than you will.” As he finished his attack, a huge black panther appeared over a snow drift on the other side of the group. "Which of you would like to live and take my message back to Menzoberranzan?”

Dredge explained that he is not a Drow and that they are allied with Lord Methrammar of Silverymoon, not Menzoberranzan. Guenhwyvar leaps to the attack, but her companion calls off the attack and she lands lithely next to Fera in her panther form. Drizzt asked the shaman to explain, since many drow were coming to the surface, and he mistook him for a drow monstrosity, but Aria does the talking this time, explaining that they had come seeking an orc to tell him of his son’s death and now they were off to Spirit Soaring in the hopes of finding him there. The drow ranger put away his scimitars, and stood there petting his panther friend as he looked off to the southeast, lost in memory.

“Spirit Soaring holds many sad memories for me. There I lost a very close friend and soon after two people who were dearest to me. Do you know the story of that tragic place?

“It’s strange, but a youth with old eyes, and bright red hair was asking me about the Spirit Soaring as well, about a month ago (Ral)…

Cadderly Bonaduce built the Cathedral-Library with the power of Deneir, the god of logic and knowledge, who wrote himself into the Weave to stabilize it during the Spellplague. As the Spellplague began to hit, my beloved wife, who was a mage, was trapped between this world and what we now know as the Shadowfell. Upon a friend’s urging, Jarlaxle, we took her to Spirit Soaring, a place of research and knowledge, in the hopes that someone would be able to help us bring her back.

“Unbeknownst to us, enemies that we had thought dead were resurrected due to the instability of magic. A sentient crystal known as Crenshinibon, the red dragon Hephaestus whose fiery breath we’d used to try to destroy it, and an Ilithid named Yharaskrik who was also involved in the Crystal Shard’s destruction. Somehow the plague brought these three powerful beings together into the Ghost King, a Draco-lich, who attacked Spirit Soaring to get revenge on Cadderly, Jarlaxle, and myself for killing them. It was a troublesome time with magic and clerical spells on the fritz, but together we prevailed and trapped the Ghost King in the Shadowfell, when it returned there to heal. Cadderly made the ultimate sacrifice and followed it to this realm, where he exists between both realms walking the perimeter of Spirit Soaring, continually laying down a holy ward to keep the Ghost King from returning to this plane. I don’t know the state of that structure, but I would imagine that Cadderly’s holy magic is keeping it safe. If you remain there after dark, you will be able to catch sight of my friend at his eternal task. I hope you find what you are searching for and may the gods protect you in this time of troubles!" With that, he saluted the group and calling to Guenhwyvar, disappeared over a snow bank.

Hurrying before they have any more interference, the group quickly returned to the airship.



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