Dream Seekers

Dredge on the Town

Date: 6/5/1479 DR



In Silverymoon, the group splits up and goes their own directions. On their way back from the abandoned tower, Dredge meets a character from his past, of which he has no recollection.

As Dredge, Fera, and Nyx were making their way back from Xanarin Chucklefoot’s tower, the shaman felt a slight pressure in the back of his mind. Suddenly, his mouth moved of it’s own accord and he heard himself tell the females to “Carry on, I’ll catch up with you shortly.” The other two, used to Dredge’s strange actions didn’t even question it. The Revenant then felt his feet slow and he turned into a dark alley. No sooner had the presence left his mind, he saw the end of the alley wall peel back, like someone was pulling a poster off the wall of reality. Stepping through this strange magical portal was a very skinny Drow with a stoney-faced expression. As soon as he’d stepped through, the tear in reality seemed to reseal itself and closed back up as if it had never been there. The Drow held his hands out to the side in the universal sign of a truce. For a very long moment, the two beings studied each other, trying to gauge one another.

Finally, the Drow broke the uncomfortable silence, announcing that his name was Kimmuriel Oblodra and then paused to watch for some reaction from Dredge. When he got none, he asked how such a being was able to use Drow abilities and why his mental rhythms seemed so familiar? Who was he? Dredge opened his mouth to say that his name was Dredge, but instead, he found himself saying that he was Dae’meleth Vandree, much to his shock. Kimmiuriel asked how this was possible, since Dae’meleth had been dead for many years? Dredge admitted that he had suffered amnesia and didn’t remember much of his past, but had been returned to this world by some god’s whim, for reasons unknown to him. Kimmuriel’s intuitive eyes seemed to absorb all of this in stride and then he respectfully asked Dredge if he would mind if he tried to dig up some of his lost memories? Dredge admitted that he had things he’d rather the Drow not see, but the psionicist explained that if Dredge would imagine these memories placed inside a chest and locked with a complex lock, then the Drow wouldn’t approach them or be able to see them. The Shaman concentrated with all of his might and once he felt certain that his memories of the dream, the group, and the Mother Node were safe, he indicated that the other could go ahead.

Once again he felt pressure on his mind and images flashed by on the inside of his eyelids. As quickly as it had begun, it was over. Kimmuriel raised his head and admitted that his previous memories were locked to even him, maybe by some great tragedy, he didn’t know. He was intrigued to see his return to the world as a new being and his strange new connection to the spirits of the dead. All of this opened new avenues of thought for the psionicist.

Kimmuriel then offered to tell him what he knew of Dae’meleth, in the hopes that this would help him with the recovery of his memories. House Vandree had once been the 17th house in Menzoberranzan but through the machinations of his grandmother the house had quickly risen in standing during the Time of Troubles. At one point, his mother, Fiirnel’ther Vandree, had gone to the surface and had a tryst with a surface elf to gain his heart and support. This Captain of the Guard had helped to eliminate some of the Drow houses before he thought his lover was killed and had returned to the surface. On the back of this coup and others, his mother had further pushed their house closer to their goal of being on the ruling Council. Dae’meleth was born first son of his house and had grown into a great warrior, and during the rise of the house, his mother, fearing reprisal from her time on the surface, sent her son to kill this Captain and his tribe. Dae’meleth led an army to the surface and brought battle to the surface elves. His jealous cousin, Diavlin, who may have been his half-brother, through their treacherous father, took advantage of the chaos of battle to stab Dae’meleth in the back and left him for dead up on the surface. Diavlin returned to House Vandree, lies dripping like venom from his lips, so much so that your name was blotted out of the House, becoming a curse word, punishable by death. He was made House Weapon’s Master in your stead, and raised to a place of honor.

What he hadn’t counted on was the kindness of the surface elves who nursed you back to health. Some months later you made your way back down into the Underdark and upon finding yourself barred from your House, you were planning on exacting suicidal revenge on your family. That was when you were approached by Jarlaxle, who begged you not to throw your life away in senseless revenge, when your talents could be better put to use by his mercenary group, Bregan D’aerthe. After a few days consideration, you joined our ranks. Your knowledge from your time on the surface proved invaluable and as our operations moved topside a few year later, you were promoted to a surface member, based out of Silverymoon. There you put your skills to great use, opening up trade between the surface and the Underdark. This went on for some years, until Jarlaxle asked you to meet with a mysterious figure named Jagannatha. In working on this mission, we all saw you stretched thin, and growing frantic. Then we never heard from you again. None of us knew what to think and Jarlaxle refused to do any further work with this being. That was the last we heard of you, no matter how far I searched for you psionically. Your mind had ceased to exist.

This was farther than Dredge had ever gotten and the revelation rocked his world a little bit as more and more pieces began to come together. Kimurriel asked him if he would ever consider working with Bregan D’aerthe again? The Revenant thanked him, but told him that he had current ties that were binding him in other directions, but that he would remember the kindness. The Drow reminded him that Bregan D’aerthe was a brotherhood, and as such, he would always have a place among them, no matter what form he took. With that, the psionicist, 2nd in command, peeled back reality and stepped back through the portal that had brought him into the city.

Dredge felt as if his world had been rocked and found himself meandering through the city, unsure of where his feet were taking him. He found himself outside a time-worn, quaint little home. It was past the ninth bell, but still he felt compelled to knock at the door. From inside came a squeaky but gruff reply of an old man, rousing himself from his early slumber. The voice demanded that the caller come back in the morning, but Dredge was insistent and he could hear grumbling as the old man dressed himself. As the door opened, and he spied the old man inside, it struck Dredge that he had been to this house numerous times before and seen the old man opening the door in this way, leaning on his walking stick for support. The old man demanded to know why he was being disturbed so late, to which the blind shaman replied that he was coming seeking knowledge about a certain Dae’meleth Vandree who was known to have been here before. This rocked the old man backwards, and he opened the door enough for the Revenant to enter in. Upon seeing his strange appearance, the old man grew frightened, but Dredge indicated his Wayfinder Badge and upon seeing that, the old man seemed to let out a sigh of relief. He stumped over to a wooden chair, moved some books and scrolls out of the way and then settled down into the chair telling the shaman that his name was Thanagaj. Dredge introduced himself and then asked again about Dae’meleth, whom he was secretly researching for Lord Methrammar.

Thanagaj explained that Dae’meleth was a very curious young Drow who was interested in history, something most youth overlooked these days. He had come to the old sage looking for information on the Time of Troubles to understand why the gods had been cast down. He spoke of a friend mage who had lost their way and was trying to understand the first time magic had failed during the Time of Troubles and was comparing it to the Spellplague that occurred when Mystra was struck down again. His friend had hoped to find a way to revive the Goddess of Magic. Together we researched a lot of information, but we were intrigued when we discovered information on something called the Mother Node. That was when we discovered that Lady Alustriel had set up protections around the Mother Node and later that her son and a man by the name of Arc Tempes had put together the Silver Cloaks to protect the seals on the Mother Node. It seemed that Arc had once been part of a group known as the Prowlers, but one of their own had become obsessed with the Mother Node and started killing off her fellow adventurers to get to it, until Arc and Methrammar had put her down. After that they set up a group to protect this information, and rightly so.

So by wearing the Wayfinder Badge, I would assume that you have been invited to reform the Silver Cloaks? Dredge admitted that the offer had been tended but the group was still trying to decide, though they had no idea where the seals were that they were supposed to protect… Thanagaj admitted that that information had really only been kept by the Silver Cloaks themselves, and only two were still alive as far as he knew. Short of finding Thrall or Fyre Silvervine he wasn’t sure if anyone else knew about them. Nonetheless, since he was a sage, and knowledge was his business, he agreed to help Dredge try to find what he could about the seals to try and point them in the right directions. He encouraged the shaman to return after lunch the next day with his compatriots so they could discuss things further. As Dredge rose to let himself out, he could hear the old man sorting through scrolls, mumbling to himself as he started searching, his fatigue all but forgotten. Dredge chuckled to himself as he found himself wandering towards the High Palace to join his companions.



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