Dream Seekers

Fera on the Town

Date: 6/5/1479 DR



In Silverymoon, the group splits up and goes their own directions. Fera meets up with members of her tribe and begins to uncover some truths… and many more questions.

As soon as the meal was over, Fera asked for directions to the Golden Oak Inn and then headed off to meet her tribesmen there, Nyx Silvervine in tow. It wasn’t hard for her to find the distinctive building on the North Bank, and she left the gnome outside while she went in. Her tribesmen were easily recognized when she asked the innkeeper about them, and was given directions to the other side of the giant oak tree that dominated the central atrium. Brina and Brites were busy eating, while feeding scraps to their twin foxes. Kyoka was slowly eating as well, but seemed to be lost in thought. He seemed to sense the Warden as she drew near and asked about her well-being. Fera reassured him that she was well, and she was grateful to see the three of them well as well, while scratching the foxes between their fuzzy ears. Kyoka asked about the anomaly that they had sensed and she told him that it had been dealt with for the moment, but that the death shaman had escaped. The shaman of the Watchful Owl Tribe shrugged and said that fate might lead her to deal with this abomination again in the future (almost as if the spirits were confirming something to him).

Fera asked how their search was going for their tribe? Brina had seemed flustered, and finally blurted out that it was frustrating. The twins had returned to where the tribe was supposed to be, but there had been no sign of them leaving. They followed the normal trails forward and then backwards, but there had been no fresh signs of the tribes passing. Kyoka admitted to having had a similar problem. Fera asked if he has been in touch with any other of the 12 who had been sent out to search for the cure? Kyoka said that he had heard from most of them, but some were still beyond his ability to communicate with them, and all of them knew about the missing tribe and were searching. Fera then related her return to the tribe, and her following calling by the Nature Spirits. As she recounted this, Brina and Brites seemed to look on her with more and more reverence and awe. Kyoka just seemed like she had confirmed what he had suspected. Fera then went on to tell them about the dreams that she and the Seekers were having, and how she had also found out that she was seemingly part of a prophecy. She also told them that she had just recently learned that her father had been part of a secretive group known as the Silver Cloaks. Being a half-elf Kyoka confirmed that this sounded true with what he knew of her father, Velan. When he was 17, her father had felt the need to leave the tribe to sow his wild oats and see the world. Velan’s father had condoned this, expecting that his son would see the world, he would grow, and get a chance to understand other peoples. He was gone 3-4 years before his father fell ill and he was called home to take his place at the head of the tribe. Velan had never spoken of his travels, but knowing that he’d been a secret protector made sense now.

After recounting her story, the twins seemed even more in awe of Fera, the child born under the sign of the lightning storm, than ever. After some reflection, Kyoka told her that he felt that her calling as a warden and also to follow in her father’s footsteps was fate. Like her, he wondered if the story of the Silver Cloaks somehow tied into the disappearance of her father and the tribe? He encouraged her to follow these leads to see where the spirits and fate would lead her. She should also learn more of this prophecy of which she was a part to see what leads that would offer.

Brites then told Fera that they had found two more letters from Tally to her sister, Lyndria. They let her read the letters ( Tally Letter 3 Tally Letter 4) and then the twins told her that they had found Kadir from the letters. They asked her if she wished to join them as they visited him, but she declined, stating that she needed to learn more about her father and the Silver Cloaks. The group agreed to meet back at the Golden Oak for dinner.

Fera then joined Nyx and Dredge as they hunted for Xanarin Chucklefoot’s tower

That night, once she had left the other two, Fera rejoined her tribesmen at the Golden Oak, and sitting at the table was a well-built young man with messy black hair and intense steel gray eyes. The twins introduced him as Kadir, and with his corded muscles, it was easy to pick him out as a blacksmith. Fera asked the young man what he thought had happened to Tally? He told her straight-forward that he didn’t believe that his fiance had died in that fire. The body hadn’t looked right. Since that day, he’d tried searching for her, while finishing his apprenticeship. He told her that he’d also had strange dreams about her trapped in an indescribable place, almost like she was trapped in a dream herself. Her prison bars were diaphanous, but harder than any steel he’d ever worked. She wasn’t alone, but he could never get a look at the other one with her, almost like a vision at the corner of his sight, but gone whenever he turned his head. Sitting forward, he told the Warden that he would do whatever it took to bring her back safely. He agreed to stay in touch with them and pass along any information that came his way, but he asked them to do the same. The serious look in his eyes brooked no defiance, and Fera had no desire to deny him. He thanked them for their help, and then stiffly left the inn. The twins thought him too stiff for their liking, but found his courage and loyalty commendable. Fera thanked the others for introducing them, and then left to return to the palace.

Before turning in for the night, Fera returned to the High Palace and was shown to Lord Methrammar’s personal rooms again. He was wrapped in a blanket, looking old and frail. Suddenly, the rumors from around the lunch table seemed to make sense. Fera apologized for bothering the Silver Lord, but he brushed it away stating that he knew she’d be back to ask questions about her father. She wanted to know more about the Silver cloaks and his involvement. He started by reminding her that the Mother Node had been created by the fall of Mystra during the Time of Troubles. His mother and her mages had hidden the Node, but the Spellplague had ruined those wards. Zanne’s grandfather, Arc had belonged to an adventuring group called the Prowlers. Elpis, once a member of the group, also became their benefactress, as she became obsessed with the Mother Node and learning about it. She sent the Prowlers on missions to learn more about it, but they soon began to question her motives. One by one she began to kill the Prowlers until only Arc was left. He had come to me and related all that they had learned about Elpis’ true intentions. Together he and I were finally able to put an end to her mad obsession and after that Arc retired. Things were quiet for many years, but soon, my informants began to suspect that someone else was growing interested in the Mother Node. So I called upon my old friend Arc, found that he was married, but had been unable to have any children. I reached an accord with him; if he would help me put together a group of protectors for the Mother Node, my mages would help him and his wife to have a child. As you know, Zanne’s father was born and Arc helped create the Silver Cloaks. He chose trustworthy companions from people that he’d met during his adventuring days and my mages created five seals to surround and hide the Mother Node. These seals were entrusted to the Cloaks and hidden across the realms so that none of my mages or myself would know about them. The Cloaks then guarded the seals and renewed their magic, as the Spellplague had made magic unstable. Your father was one of the ones who agreed to help with this task of guarding knowledge of their whereabouts. Others, like Cid, helped the Cloaks out but were never entrusted with full knowledge of the Seals whereabouts. Nyx’s mother, Fyre kept an encrypted book with the details of the Node and the seals within it and this was hidden as well. When your grandfather grew tool old to lead your tribe, and grew ill, your father returned home to lead the tribe in his stead, closely guarding the secrets that he knew. It was lucky for him that he had, since some years later, the Cloaks were killed by a Drow and a black Rakshasa who were trying to get their hands on the book. The Cloaks were able to defend it with their lives, but Fyre and Thrall were the only ones to escape with their lives and the pages of the book, which were water-stained and destroyed beyond reading. So the only ones alive, who still know where the Seals are hidden would be those two, but the Orc seemed broken in spirit when he returned the book to me and Arc’s sword. Although, he was able to sire and raise a son, I would venture that he has more than likely returned to the Many Arrows tribe. Fyre ran and hid from this life, and only her daughter knows where she is.

Methrammar continued that he hadn’t meant to drag the children into the nightmare that their parents had died in, but with that much power in the balance, possibly the only power that was keeping magic alive on Faerun in Mystra’s absence, he had very few options open to him. As he had told the twins, he had no idea why or how their tribe had disappeared, but he feared that it might have had something to do with the Mother Node. Fera thanked Lord Methrammar for his time and for being so candid. As she was leaving, Zanne was being shown into the Lord’s chambers. He waved at her, a crooked smile on his face.



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