Dream Seekers

Nyx on the Town

Date: 6/5/1479 DR


Mystra’s Tear Company Abandoned Tower Stolen by Chucklefoot
Gauntlets of Fumbling Dredge Abandoned Tower Stolen by Chucklefoot
Fyre’s Key Nyx Abandoned Tower Stolen by Chucklefoot

In Silverymoon, the group splits up and goes their own directions. Remembering the red-headed figure she’d seen while in the body of Mayad, Nyx goes in search of her rival’s hideout.

After lunch, Nyx decided that she wanted to see if she could hunt down her rival, Xanarin Chucklefoot. While in the mind of Mayad, of the Feywild Follies, she remembered seeing a red-headed gnome climbing the side of an abandoned tower. So she questioned Cid where she might find such a tower. Since he’d been in the dream as well, he knew that on the north-west side of town lay some buildings, abandoned after a drow’s magic had gone awry. He suggested that since Fera was headed that way, going to the Golden Oak Inn, that they could travel together. Dredge interrupted to ask the way to the kitchens, but the gnome told him that she was going to need his help, so not to stray too far. Dredge agreed to meet her later by the Inn and then left to follow Cid’s instructions, while the ladies headed into the city. Dredge went down the service stairs into the hustle and bustle of the kitchen. There he asked for chicken bones and was directed to the nearby rubbish bins.

When they arrived at the Golden Oak Inn, Fera excused herself and went in to meet with her tribesmen, making it clear that she wanted to be alone. The irrepressible gnome decided to climb a building to get a better feeling for her surroundings. Once she had a higher perspective, she was easily able to find the abandoned tower with purple crenelations. She then spent some time scouting out the tower and the area around it. She was thrown off by the fact that the tower had no doors, secret or otherwise. During her rounds, she had noticed some bums who had sought shelter in the surrounding derelict buildings, so she paid one to tell her about the tower. Since no one paid them any attention, they knew about the gnome using the upper window to sneak in and out of the tower. Another gold coin bought the bum’s silence and Nyx returned to find her companion.

While scouting out the tower she was looking for, Nyx imagined that her quarry was singing about how good his duplicity was

After collecting and cleaning up some chicken bones, the Shaman had gone into the Market to find a jeweler and then paid the old man an exorbitant amount of money to fill the chicken bones with cold iron within the next hour (In case they were needed against Chucklefoot). Curious, the old jeweler agreed to do it without question. Dredge then wandered down a few blocks until his found The Shining Scroll mage shop. Inside, he intrigued the proprietress, Xara Tantlor, into helping him make a magical set of Tarot Cards known as the Dredge Decks. Because of the challenge that he had given her, she decided to make the decks while only asking him to retrieve a magical set of gauntlets, which had been stolen from her by a red-haired gnome. Knowing where this was going, Dredge rolled his eyes and agreed to the bargain. At the same time, he secretly asked the spirits for information on this woman’s family. They couldn’t find anything, but were able to tell him that neither her, nor her familiar, were what they seemed. Dredge left the shop, giving Xara a knowing smile before the door closed.

Once Fera had finished with her Tribesmen, she found Nyx outside and they returned towards the High Palace to find Dredge. As they were passing through the market, they met him coming out of the mage shop. Together, the trio returned to the sight of the abandoned tower to scout it out together.

Seeing no other way in, they decided to use a grappling hook and rope to enter by the window the bums had seen the gnome using. Since dusk was falling, they felt safe to climb up, though Dredge had to be pulled up. The Shaman used Gerben to scout ahead, who found the curved hallway empty, up to the closed door, Nyx went ahead to scout for traps. The hallway was clear, so she signaled the others to follow her. As they did, Dredge wiped any signs of their passing behind them. As they neared the door, Nyx found the obvious trap, and though she and Dredge did their best to keep it from going off, the tentacle trap went off anyway. The black tentacle burst from the ground and grabbed the rogue while the others fought it. With one trap disarmed, another fought off, they sidestepped the other parts of the trap to keep it from going off.

Nyx tried her hardest, but even with Dredge’s help, they set off the obvious trap

As they opened the door, Nyx stopped everyone in their tracks as she realized that the next room was trapped as well. She had known Xanarin to be paranoid, but this was a little far even for him. He must be guarding some good stuff! Nyx was able to disarm the first part of the trap, but as Fera stepped into the room, she set off the hidden traps that had been behind the first. An arcane turret dropped down from the ceiling, and whirling blades began spinning around the room, bouncing off the stone walls and racing towards the group. Dredge called upon his innate Drow abilities to cast a Cloud of Darkness around himself. Unable to do much against the traps, the Warden was growing angry and took it out on the traps, pounding them, then freezing them so that her companions could finish them off. Nyx verified that there were no more traps, and then unlocked the inner doors.

Wary of more traps, the group carefully made their way inside their quarry’s very plain room. Fera stopped to check the paperwork on the small table and found what looked like someone practicing the signature of Valindra Shadowmantle, the one who had supposedly hired the assassin of Lord Methrammar. Now it was obvious that that was only a ruse to get the guards chasing the assassin while Chucklefoot snuck into the Vaults. On the crates, Dredge found the gauntlets that Xara had requested of him. Nyx focused on the locked chest at the end of the bed. She disarmed the trap and was finally able to unlock it. Besides some old clothes that could be used for disguises and some makeup, she found Mystra’s Tear and an odd looking key. She knew this key all too well because her mother had worn it for as long as Nyx could remember. But how could this upstart have gotten this key from her mother and was she still ok? The rogue pushed these thoughts aside as she stole everything from her nemesis that wasn’t nailed down. Then, as a final parting gesture, she pulled out his calling card, put on thick red lipstick, kissed the card, and dropped it back inside the chest, locking it and rearming the trap.

Sure that their quarry still hadn’t returned, the group quietly snuck back out of the tower and quickly began making their way through town to return the Tear to Lord Methrammar. Nyx wished that she could be there to see the look on Chucklefoot’s face when he saw what she’d been able to do, but she had other responsibilities that were more important than revenge… like a reward.



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