Dream Seekers

Zanne on the Town

Date: 6/5/1479 DR



In Silverymoon, the group splits up and goes their own directions. Zanne decides to research his grandfather and the Silver Cloaks. Along the way, he meets up with an old friend, begins to uncover some truths… and many more questions.

As soon as lunch was over, Zanne asked Cid for directions to the Vault of Sages and headed to visit it on the Southbank. He was researching information on his grandfather, Arc Tempes, and maybe some more information about the Silver Cloaks. After some hours of research, he was able to uncover news stories. They explained how the Spellplague had brought the region of Akanul to Toril from the banished realm of Abeir. It briefly discussed how his great grandfather was one of the few humans to help settle the Genasi into our realm, where he fell in love with one. Years later, in 1399 DR, they gave birth to their first son Arc. At age 16, the young Arc was restless and left Airspur to join an adventure group known as the Prowlers. The Prowlers adventured for a few years together when they discovered a great power source and fell to in-fighting. One of their own began killing the other members, but was finally put down by Arc, with the help of Methrammar Aerasumé. After that, Arc retired and settled down to raise a family… but he and his wife were unable to have children. Mysteriously, when they were growing old, Arc’s wife was finally able to conceive, Hulderic. After that time, Arc continued to work in Silverymoon until the day of his untimely death in 1459 DR. He had been a great man, helping many people, donating to many needy causes and always had his door open for those who needed him.

This gave Zanne a few details, but most of it he already knew. As he was returning the books to one of the sages, he noticed a large Dragonborn intently studying a book on the other side of the room where he was. As he approached, he recognized that it was his old friend Ferrod Kornari from his days at the White Lotus Academy. A mischievous smile graced his face as he snuck up on his friend, who was so into the book that he was reading, that he didn’t even notice the unstealthy Swordmage creeping closer, until Zanne snatched the book out from in front of him. The black Dragonborn whipped around and snatched the book back, quickly closing it’s cover, almost as if guilty of reading something he wasn’t supposed to. As soon as he saw who was playing the joke on him, a toothy smile split his maw, but in that split second, Zanne noticed that the book was about the Far Realm, written by someone known as Vecna. Ferrod warmly greeted his old friend, and asked if he would like to catch up on things over some drinks? Zanne nodded eagerly and the Dragonborn wizard returned his book to one of the sages and then led his friend to a nearby tavern. They picked a dark corner and ordered some strong brew that they both quaffed and then ordered another. Zanne briefly told him about the dreams and being taken captive by the Black Palms. He explained their escape and how he was now travelling with these other adventurers who shared the same nightmare. He finished by stating that they were in Silvermoon looking for information and resupplying. More drinks were brought for them.

Ferrod explained why he had abruptly left Zanne about a year ago. It was true that he had been ostracized from his non-magical tribe of Dragonborn, but then he had received a letter from them begging him for his help and magical knowledge. Since they were still his family, he couldn’t refuse their request and rushed home. He paused in his story, taking a long pull on his flagon, then asked Zanne if he had ever heard a terrible yet beautiful choir singing in his head? Zanne shook his head, confused. Ferrod explained that he’d returned home to find that members of his tribe had gone missing for a time, but then they’d return home some time later. The returned Dragonborn had seemed to be alright, but something had been off… almost like an actor was playing their part… to perfection, but it still wasn’t quite right. Each of them would comment that they could hear a choir singing, that it was terrible, discordant, chaotic, but beautiful. Later on, they would all die mysteriously. There was no discernible reason or pattern to it, no trace of magic, poison, or physical harm. He had been studying it this whole time, trying to get to the root of the problem, but having little luck. He had come to Silverymoon to do some research as well and had finally found something concrete that might help him. He explained to Zanne that he had been studying a book about the Far Realm written by Vecna before he had become the god of necromancy and secrets. In it he found about the beings from the Far Realm like Illithids, Beholders, and Aboleths. It was this last group that interested him the most as they were known to experiment on other beings and there was something about how they communicated through song. He wondered if this had anything to do with his disappearing and dying tribesmen and he planned to travel to the Sea of Fallen Stars to investigate them. There, the Abolethic Sovereignty was known to reside in their floating obelisk. He was afraid for his sanity, but he felt the need to go. He wondered, if he didn’t return or contact his friend in 2 months time, if Zanne would come looking for him? Zanne said he would definitely try, but it would depend on where he was with his adventuring group. Ferrod agreed that this was fair and gave Zanne a small token so that he could be tracked by his friend, if needed.

Unfortunately, Ferrod wanted to stay and catch up some more with his friend, but he had a group that he was travelling with, who was packing to leave at first light, so he clapped his friend on the shoulder and took his leave, promising to stay in touch. Zanne finished his last drink, didn’t feel too tipsy, so he took himself back to the High Palace because he thought that maybe Lord Methrammar could shed some more light on his grandfather. As he arrived at the palace, he was told that he could see the High Lord as soon as he was done with his current visitor. He was even more surprised to see Fera leaving the Lord’s chambers. He smiled crookedly at her, waved, and was then shown into the High Lord’s presence. Methrammar looked old and delicate, hunched in his chair, covered by a blanket. Zanne stammered that he could return at a better time, but the Half-elf waved away his protests, stating that he had expected this. Zanne relaxed after this and asked if he could tell him more about his grandfather?

Methrammar started by reminding him that the Mother Node had been created by the fall of Mystra during the Time of Troubles. His mother and her mages had hidden the Node, but the Spellplague had ruined those wards. Arc had belonged to an adventuring group called the Prowlers. Elpis, a Deva wizard, once a member of the group, also became their benefactress, as she became obsessed with the Mother Node and learning about it. She sent the Prowlers on missions to learn more about it, but they soon began to question her motives. One by one she began to kill the Prowlers until only Arc was left. He had come to me and related all that they had learned about Elpis’ true intentions. Together he and I were finally able to put an end to her mad obsession, with that very sword of his that you carry, and after that Arc retired. Things were quiet for many years, but soon, my informants began to suspect that someone else was growing interested in the Mother Node. So I called upon my old friend Arc, found that he was married, but had been unable to have any children. I reached an accord with him; if he would help me put together a group of protectors for the Mother Node, my mages would help him and his wife to have a child. As you know, your father was born and Arc helped create the Silver Cloaks. He chose trustworthy companions from people that he’d met during his adventuring days and my mages created five seals to surround and hide the Mother Node. These seals were entrusted to the Cloaks and hidden across the realms so that none of my mages or myself would know about them. The Cloaks then guarded the seals and renewed their magic, as the Spellplague had made magic unstable. Others, like Cid, helped the Cloaks out but were never entrusted with full knowledge of the Seals whereabouts. Nyx’s mother, Fyre kept an encrypted book with the details of the Node and the seals within it and this was hidden as well. Then, as you know, some years later, the Cloaks were killed by a Drow and a black Rakshasa who were trying to get their hands on the book. The Cloaks were able to defend it with their lives, but Fyre and Thrall were the only ones to escape with their lives and the pages of the book, which were water-stained and destroyed beyond reading. So the only ones alive, who still know where the Seals are hidden would be those two, but the Orc seemed broken in spirit when he returned the book to me as well as Arc’s sword. Although, he was able to sire and raise a son, I would venture that he has more than likely returned to the Many Arrows tribe. Fyre ran and hid from this life, and only her daughter knows where she is.

Methrammar continued that he hadn’t meant to drag the children into the nightmare that their parents/grandparent had died in, but with that much power in the balance, possibly the only power that was keeping magic alive on Faerun in Mystra’s absence, he had very few options open to him. He also explained that part of the wards protecting the Mother Node was a Forgetfulness spell that made everyone who heard about it forget it. This spell seemed to have no affect on Zanne or his group, which meant that either the spell was failing, or they were fated to know about it and the Seals. Zanne had a lot to consider as he left the Lord’s chambers. He headed back to the Vault of sages to further his studies and also to check out the details on the Far Realm and the Aboleths.



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