Arc Tempes

Ice Swordmage of the Silver Cloaks


Arc used to belong to the Silver Cloaks of Silverymoon. This swordmage tapped into his 1/2 Ice Genasi heritage to draw forth greater power from his sword. He used his sword and magic to control the large groups and to slice deeply through magical defenses.

As part of the Silver Cloaks, they had been charged with guarding the secret of the Mother Node. About 23 years ago when The Drow and Pheral’tibus discovered the secret location of the book containing information on the Node’s seals, the Silver Cloaks were sent to stop them. Even though they could tell that they were outclassed, the Cloaks fought valiantly. Unfotunately, it was not enough, and Arc fell in defense of the secrets they’d been charged to keep. His companions Thrall and Fyre Silvervine returned his sword to his son as a reminder of his fathers valiance.

His grandson Zanne Tempes now wields the family sword, Calibourne.


When the Spellplague struck in the Year of Blue Fire (1385 DR), that cataclysm laid waste to much of what is now Akanul when it transplanted the Genasi nation of Shyr from the world of Abeir. As people recovered from the destruction, strange pairings occurred as people turned to each other in their times of fear and need. An Ice Genasi ( Ishuld) and a human (Tristam) met and found comfort in one another. In the year 1399 DR, they brought a new baby boy into the world and named him Arc Tempes.

The 1/2 Genasi boy grew strong and learned to channel his Genasi heritage through the sword that his father had given him as a coming of age present. Arc precociously named the family blade Calibourne. He had the love of his parents, but being a half-breed, he didn’t feel that he fit in either either the Genasi or the Humans. Being impetuous, Arc left home at age 16 (1415 DR) and joined a group called the Prowlers. There he made friends and was able to use his skills as an adventurer. Over the next four years, the group grew closer as they made many memories, but when it came to information about the Mother Node they began to question whether the intentions of one of their companions and patron, Elpis, were beginning to turn into an unhealthy obsession or not. By the time they realized it, it was too late, and the Deva had begun picking off the group one by one until only Arc was left. Fearing for his life, the Swordmage turned to Methrammar Aerasumé, son of Lady Alustriel for help, knowing that he’d want to protect the Mother Node which needed to be sealed against tampering. Together they were finally able to overpower Elpis and Arc struck the killing blow on his companion with Calibourne. As she died, the Deva cursed Arc and his family.

His heart was no longer set on adventuring, so Arc returned to Akanul, where he settled down to have a family. He and his wife could not have children, but they had each other. Arc was in his 30’s when High Lord Methrammar approached him. Someone was again trying to unearth information on the Mother Node, and he wanted him to head a special force that would protect the information of the Node and its seals. Arc declined, but then Lord Aerasumé told him that he had the power to help his wife have children. Reluctantly he consented and they were able to conceive and give birth to a son, Hulderic. Arc still had many good years with his little family, but he was kept busy with the newly formed Silver Cloaks as well.

Arc was blessed to see the birth of his grandson, Zanne before his final mission with the Silver Cloaks. A new enemy, Jagannatha was getting too close to discovering information about the Mother Node, but he had powerful allies and Arc didn’t survive this adventure. His sword Calibourne was taken home to his son in memory of this great man.

Arc Tempes

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