Aria Kayla Rhefeldt

Half-Elf Bard from Aglarond


Aria was born a half-elf. Her father was a human named Edwin Rhefeldt. Her mother, Alátriël, was an elf from Aglarond (sister to Nomi’s mother Sylanna), which is where she grew up. When the cousins were very young, their parents left on a trip and never came back. Since they’ve been missing for over 20 years, it is suspected that they are dead. The tribe pulled together to raise the children, but the half-elves never felt like they were accepted by the Elves. The cousins were close friends in their youth, but as they grew, they served only to remind each other of the loss of both of their parents. The only thing both girls had to remind them of their parents were their mother’s cloaks of silver material (obviously of Elven make) embroidered in the corner with the letters “S.C.”.

When she can’t stand being with the Elves anymore she’ll travel to the Dalelands, settling in or around Shadowdale and training part of her Bardic knowledge with Elminster Aumar (Forgotten Realms Wiki).

Question and Answer for Lady Saharel

“Where should I go from here?”

Music floats like the wind through the leaves of your family tree, but betrayal runs deep through its roots. Your family will draw you close, but push you away, though they are the guardians of the Menhirs. The Perfect Song grows within you, so you have be taken under wing by the shepherd turned bandit, turned thief, turned woman, turned mage and have become a protector of the Realms as his progeny, though you know it not. His problems become yours and the blue fire curse will destroy the Realms unless Mystra’s Tears save him. Salvation lies in the ruins of the Serpent Kings. Yea, a broken stair climbs on darkest night into the twilight beyond.

When her parents died, Aria was raised by her Aunt and Uncle on her Mom’s side (Alátriël and Sylanna’s younger brother). Her family loved her, but she always felt like they only took care of her since it was their responsibility to do so. Therefore she only grew up among the Elves and feels a close bond to them, even if she never trully felt accepted by them due to her Half-Elven heritage. Her aunt and uncle tried too hard to replace her parents and that made her really uncomfortable around them. When she was about 15 human years old, she left home and never heard from her family or her people again.

Aria had so many good memories of her mother singing lullabies to her and telling her stories that she wanted to become a bard like her, who could inspire and influence others. When she was about 8 or 9 human years old her family had discovered her musical atpitudes and encouraged her to strengthen that talent and her storytelling abilities as well. After her parents death, Aria was so proud of her parents that she wanted to to her best to live up to their expectations for her. For that express reason, so sought out Elminster on Silverhand Farm near Shadowdale. At first he refused to take her on as an apprentice since his hands were full helping his beloved Simbul stave off the sickness brought upon her by the Spellplague, but she turned on the charm and the old mage couldn’t resist.

Elminster was like a father figure to her, strict but fair and caring. Due to his other responsibilities, he didn’t have a lot of time for his apprentice, but that was fine with the half-elf because she was used to being independent, and didn’t need much else other than training. She spent about 5 years training with him and helping him to care for Simbul. Finally, the time had come where both Elminster and Aria felt that she had learned enough from him and that it was high time for her to travel and gain her own material for her legends and ballads. It was time for her to have her own experiences, instead of always living through the histories that she studied and shared.

She has lived on her own for the last few years now, travelling around Aglarond , the Dales, Sembia, and Thesk singing for her supper and sharpening her skills. Her reputation is beginning to grow. She stays in close contact with Elmister and considers him her family now. The Dream that they’ve been have is trippy and worries her.

Aria Kayla Rhefeldt

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