Priest of Bane trying to escape the turmoil of the Spellplague


Little is known of this horror in the Rampart Catacombs of Spellgard.

Decades ago, a vampire priest of Bane fleeing the turmoil and destruction of the Spellplague sought out the ruins of Spellgard. Barthus made his way to the long forgotten catacombs, using his divine powers to cow the undead lurking there, and established himself as lord of this hidden domain.

When the shadar-kai Thoran made his initial foray through the catacombs in search of an entrance into the Scepter Tower, he lost a substantial number of followers to Barthus and his undead guardians. Since then, more of Thoran’s dark creepers have fallen victim to Barthus’s vampire spawn. Like the wererats and their allies, Thoran’s servants avoid this place.



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