Female Human Ranger of the Watchful Owl Tribe


Name: Brites (pronounced: “Bree-tess”)

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Hair color: Chestnut brown

Eye color: Stormy gray

Height: 5’6”

Build: Rangy and lithe

Race: Human

Class: Ranger

Brites and her twin sister, Brina, come from a long line of rangers within the tribe. They act as one and can often finish each others’ sentences or seemingly read each others’ minds. They have never argued with one another a single day in their life and have an uncanny knack for knowing if the other one is hurt or in danger, which has saved their lives on numerous occasions. Each has a fox companion that goes with them, the two animals being siblings from a den that they rescued during a fierce storm that flooded and killed the rest of their siblings and mother. Perhaps they feel a kindred spirit as both females are also motherless.

Brites is a bit more close-mouthed and grave than Brina but both rangers like to celebrate life, often dancing during tribe festivals or parties and are both equally popular with males. The disease that has struck their tribe is a huge blow to them as their father and three brothers have all succumbed. Brites is actually the one to first come upon a victim of the plague, the first victim being her father. She found him unconscious in the forest near where he was hunting deer for their meal that night. There was no sign of anything that would have caused him injury nor any sign of anyone else being nearby at any time. Brites feels guilty for she thinks she might have been able to discover more if she had not been so distracted and worried about getting her father to safety first.



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