Cid Pollendina III

Crazy old retired ship captain who loves to drink. He often talks about finding his grandfather's lost Airship


Cid is a ship captain in his 40’s with wiry white hair and a white beard that seems to stick out in all directions. He always looks like he just climbed out of bed. He wears a pair of goggles over his eyes, mimicking those worn by Airship pilots before the Spellplague (claiming that they belonged to his grandfather, for whom he is named). When inside, he will pull the goggles up into his hairline but you can still barely make out his squinty blue eyes, buried beneath his bushy eyebrows.

Cid is almost never found without his “lucky canteen” nearby. No one’s sure what spirits he keeps inside, but it always seems to be hard liquor. Cid almost can’t function without his liquor, his sober state is much like most peoples drunken states.

Even for being in his 40’s, Cid is in prime physical shape from so many years at sea and many years adventuring. It seems he hasn’t captained a ship in a couple of years, but he won’t speak of that. Instead, his most recent obsession seems to be with finding his grandfather’s lost airship.

Question and Answer for Lady Saharel

“How do I find my Grandfather’s airship?”

You were born a miracle baby you have known both great fortune and great loss in your life, but these tragedies were necessary to put you on the right path. A badge of silver replaced your cloak, but your oath was never broken. Upon the wings of the “destruction of the gods” you will soar, if you will but trust in the runestone given to you. High in the mountains between Netheril and Delzoun you will find the dragon’s soul. Your role has always been one of support, but your comrades could never wish for stronger shoulders.

Cid’s father, Shido, couldn’t stand being a non-mage living among the uppity wizards of Halruaa, so at an early age, he’d disappointed his father and left the region. While travelling, he’d met Cid’s mother Hilda. Together they’d settled in Mintar, on the North-Western edge of the lake of steam. There, Shido plied his family trade as a ship captain, ferrying goods between the towns around the Lake of Steam and out to cities located on the Shining Sea. His father made a very good living and their family prospered. Even after the cataclysmic events of the Spellplague, which turned the waters in the lake sulpherous, Shido was still able to do good business.

Cid was a miracle baby, born to very old parents. Hilda had been told that she could never have children, so the couple had accepted this fact. Until one day, a lone elf wandered into town. He gave Shido and Hilda the small bundle from his father Cid, and then quickly left the town. Shido treasured his father’s last words and the Sigil Stone was given a place of honor above the mantle. Within a week, Hilda found that she was pregnant and there was even more rejoicing in the Pollendina family. Because of the miracle his father had given them, they named their son after him.

Cid III grew up on bedtime stories of his adventurous grandfather and his favorite was of the lost airship in the High Forest regions of the Silver Marches. Cid’s grandfather, Cid II was an Airship pilot for the Halruaan Grand Council. When the Spellplague hit, his Airship, the Ragnarok, was Northbound with Halruaan Nobles onboard. A storm forced them to land somewhere around the Nether Mountains. Through their combined magic, the wizards were able to stow the ship, before the storm grew too dangerous, in an abandoned cave. The storm turned out to be the precursor of the Spellplague, which killed the wizards, but didn’t seem to damage the airship. Unfortnately, the mountains around them shifted with the cataclysmic forces and one of Cid’s arms was broken. As well, the cave entrance for the ship had been covered over with rubble.

For many days Cid II wandered through the mountains, afraid that he’d never escape, or that the mountain would literally fall on him. Exhausted, starving, and delirious, the human stumbled out of the caves into the light. He was saved by a group of elves and taken back to their village to be nursed back to the health. Unfortunately, his wounds were severe and he’d gone too long without medical attention. He only lived a few weeks, fading in and out of consciousness. During one of his more lucid periods, he penned a brief letter to his only son, telling him of the tragedy, and bidding his family farewell. As his dying wish, he begged that the elves would deliver this letter and the Sigil Stone to his son in the town of Mintar in the Lake of Steam region.

Once Cid was old enough, he began splitting his time between helping his father and working with the fishermen on the Lake of Steam, he was practically born with sea legs. Later, as his parents grew too old, Cid inherited his father’s business. Not long after his parents’ passed away, the Army of Bane conquered Mintar and took over the city. Not wanting to fall under the control of the followers of Bane, Cid took to the sea, taking only his grandfather’s goggles and the Sigil Stone with him.

On the West Coast of Toril and on the Sea of Fallen Stars, Cid made quite a name for himself as a captain, willing to dare routes that others were afraid of. He and his amassed great fame and fortune, until about 5 years ago when his daring wasn’t enough to save their ship or his crew. He’d pushed too far and tried to outrun a storm off the Sword Coast. Umberlee proved to be too strong and the ship was destroyed, his crew was lost, and Cid was stranded on one of the Whalebone islands. He survived there for a few months before another ship saw his signal fire and came to rescue him. Cid has been haunted by the deaths of his crew and he blames himself for pushing his luck. Instead of returning to captain another ship, Cid has been using the last of his savings to try and hunt down the Ragnarok. Unfortunately, the Elves of High Forest aren’t as friendly as they used to be.

While restocking in Everlund, he was down on his luck and unknowingly picked a fight with some drunken members of the Black Palms. He would have won the fight, if not for their overwhelming numbers. Instead, he ended up imprisoned with a whole bunch of others, waiting for their turn in the arena. He won his fights in the arena, but in his last battle he was injured and with no way of taking care of his wounds, he’s afraid that he might die.

Cid Pollendina III

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