Elminster Aumar

"Old Sage of Shadowdale", Chosen of Mystra when she was alive


The wizard Elminster Aumar, once one of the most powerful individuals in all Faerûn, lost much with Mystra’s death and the lapse of all abilities associated with being her Chosen. He remains in Shadowdale, much diminished, though he retains his immortality and considerable arcane power. The Old Sage is no less intelligent, experienced, and quick-witted than before. Though his advice remains highly sought after, he has grown even more averse to dispensing it. Elminster resides at the old Silverhand farm, passing the days lost in his thoughts, his trademark pipe in hand.

Elminster Aumar (born in 212 DR), also known as the “Sage of Shadowdale” and the “Old Mage”, is one of the most famous and powerful wizards in all of Faerûn, as well as a fair fighter and thief.

Appearance: As a high-level wizard, Elminster is capable of taking on almost any appearance imaginable. In his natural state Elminster appears as a gray-bearded man of weathered visage, gruff tone, alert eyes, and nondescript attire. He is almost always smoking a calabash pipe that is spouting some vile blue or green smoke. Elminster’s most distinguishing physical feature is his hawk-like nose.

Personality: A natural storyteller, Elminster is normally a witty, clever, and very charming man. He is a consummate actor, however and can be imperious, grave, and terrible as the situation demands. He rarely reveals the full extent of his true nature to anyone who is not an extremely close friend. He can portray himself as a trickster, a rake, a stern father figure, or any other stereotype he wants to assume, depending on what he wants to accomplish or what reaction he wants to elicit from those around him.

Recent Activities: On 15 Nightal 1374 DR, Sharran agents attempted to steal the Ebon Diadem from Elminster’s tower. Due to the essence of the artifact and the sheer power of Elminster’s wards, on whose power the artifact fed, the Sharrans defeated Elminster (though not without losing most of their number) and a contingency spell whisked Elminster away, while his tower itself was blasted into ruin and transported to another, unknown plane. Elminster returned to Shadowdale and took up residence on Storm Silverhand’s farm, still immortal, but no longer a chosen since the death of Mystra. He also still wields considerable arcane power as one of only 2 Chosen of Mystra known to survive the Spellplague – the other being the Simbul, who hides her identity, and now lives with and cares for Elminster – but he has become much more reclusive, asking many more people to leave him alone than he used to.

He also has gained a spellscar on his arm which he hides when it starts to warp into strange forms.


Elminster Aumar

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