Ephram Darano

Leader of the Darano Tribe who is cleaning up the Northern Ramparts


The halflings of the Darano clan are known for their formidable stature, and their fierce warriors
are as tall as some dwarves.

Their reputation hides a dark secret, however—one that inspired the Daranos to come to Spellgard a year ago. Clan patriarch Ephram Darano has a specific and very secret question for Lady Saharel: How might the family break free from its hereditary curse of lycanthropy?

The Daranos set to making repairs around the fallen ramparts along the north edge of the ruin, hoping their reconstruction efforts would attract the attention of the Lady. Before any answer could come, however, on a night of the full moon, an argument broke out. A number of the Daranos took hybrid and dire rat form and slew their fellow family members in a frenzy.

The survivors, horrified by what they had done once their bloodlust had passed, gathered what valuables and weapons they could, then fled the camp in rat form. The fate of the Daranos remains a mystery to all except the survivors of the clan, and the abandoned camp is now shunned by other seekers.


Ephram Darano

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