Ferrod Kornari

Dragonborn Wizard, friend of Zanne Tempes


Ferrod Kornari, whose name means “Golden Heart”, was raised in a tribe of warriors. Unlike most Dragonborn, whose magical aptitudes range from Sorcerers to Swordmages, Ferrod’s abilities leaned towards the magic of wizards, through study and practice. As such, he was mostly an outcast among his own people, unable to find a mentor to teach him.

At a young age he set off for the White Lotus Academy. His aptitude earned him a scholarship at the academy, but being the only Dragonborn there, he didn’t fit in well either. He lost himself in his studies, quickly exceeding the rest of the pupils in his class, earning their further jealousy and enmity.

After he’d been at the academy for a couple of years, a young man named Zanne Tempes returned with Mistress Reinhilde after one of her trips to scout out new students for the Academy. This sullen young man had recently lost his mother and sister and his father was a travelling merchant who couldn’t take a young son on the dangerous road that he traveled. In each other they found kindred spirits and since Zanne often stood up for his friend to bullies at the school, Ferrod nicknamed him J’nah Daguan, which meant “Fierce Shield” in the draconic language. Ferrod began teaching him the language of his people as the two spent their years studying together.

After all their hard work, Zanne caught up with the wizard and the two were able to graduate from the Academy together. Since neither had family they could return to, they traveled as mercenaries for hire for a while. Then Ferrod received a letter from his family, needing him to return home for an emergency. Zanne had wanted to travel with him, but Ferrod, knowing the insular ways of his people, forbade it. Zanne hasn’t heard from his best friend for over a year now and wonders whatever became of him.


Ferrod Kornari

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