Fyre Silvervine

Retired Rogue Scout


Fyre used to belong to the Silver Cloaks of Silverymoon. Her diminuative size and fey skills made her a great asset to the team. As their rogue scout, her skills forged careful path for the group and kept them alive longer than most groups.

As part of the Silver Cloaks, they had been charged with guarding the secret of the Mother Node. About 23 years ago when The Drow and Pheral’tibus discovered the secret location of the book containing information on the Node’s seals, the Silver Cloaks were sent to stop them. Even though they could tell that they were outclassed, the Cloaks fought valiantly. Fyre was barely able to snatch the most important pages from the book, before she was mortally wounded and escaped over a waterfall. In the end, only she and Thrall lived through the encounter.

After retunring the saved pages from the book to Silvara, Fyre gave up life as an adventurer. She settle down with another gnome rogue and began a family in a small town. She found the quiet town the perfect place to forget her past. As her daughter, Nyx, grew, Fyre saw much of her younger self in her daughter; her need for adventure, for travelling, her love of “shiny’s”… Fyre tried to give her children the stability that she’d never known growing up, never telling them about her past, but this rubbed Nyx the wrong way. One day she woke up to find that her daughter had snuck away in the night. Secretly in her heart, Fyre feard that destiny would drag her roguish daughter down the path that she’d left unfinished.

Fyre is currently living in a settlement on the outskirts of the Maze of Fathagn


Fyre Silvervine

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