Elven Ranger, Member of the Harpers, Wife of Methrammar


Gaerradh is an elf ranger and scout in the High Forest and also a member of the Harpers. She is responsible for keeping watch over the northern marches of the wood Her companion is Sheeril, a large powerful wolf.

Gaerradh has long russet hair tied back in a single braid and carries a bow and two curved axes.

She has been married for a long time now to Methrammar Aerasumé, the High Lord of Silverymoon. They have three children together, the most notable of which is their youngest son, Darryn. He was the leader of a locally based adventuring company know as the Silver Scions. The Scions have made a reputation for themselves discovering lost knowledge and tales of their deep dungeon delves are well known throughout Luruar.



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