Human Male Fighter


Name: Gavin

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Hair color: Dark brown

Eye color: Sage green

Height: 6’2"

Build: Muscled and sturdy

Race: Human

Class: Fighter

Gavin is a first-class fighter, honed by many battles with other tribes, brigands, raiders, monsters and feral beasts. He bears a scar down his chin, a souvenir of a raid against an aggressive orc tribe that tried to make their tribe a meal. He carries a broadsword that glows with a fiery light and a shield made smooth with age. His hair is long and gathered into a tail at his nape, tethered by a leather thong. Unlike the stereotypical muscled fighter, he does not move like one. He moves with fluid grace and his weapon and shield are extensions of himself.

Gavin is the life-long best friend of Tyne, Fera‘s older brother. They are shield mates and often fight back to back in battles, each implicitly trusting in the other to protect him. The plague frustrates Gavin, as it is not something he can hack away and it has taken away his best friend’s little sister. What hurts Tyne, hurts Gavin. Before the plague, he was boisterous and his booming laugh could be heard all over the camp as could the rousing challenges he and Tyne participated in. They were friendly rivals in everything, from drinking to eating to fighting…and often carousing!



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