Sword Captain of the Oursepaw Tribe in the High Forest


Gerben (means “bear spirit” in Dutch) was Captain of the defensive branch of the Oursepaw Tribe. He met Fiirnel’ther Vandree as an “exile” from her people. She seduced the young Captain and got him to help her convince the surface elves that they should attack the Drow of Menzobreranzan to get revenge for all of their people the Drow had killed. The attack went exactly as House Vandree had planned and the Oursepaw Tribe helped to eliminate some rival houses. Captain Gerben believed that Fiirnel’ther was killed in the attack and went back to the surface, despondant.

There, he was nursed back to emotional health by the tribe Shaman, Lorena. Her love for him was able to heal his heart and they soon married and had a little girl named Nitara. He served well for many years, protecting his little tribe. The Drow had also been quiet for many years they sent no more raiding parties to the surface, but that could not last.

Fearing that the surface elves were as treacherous as the Drow, Fiirnel’ther, now Matron Mother of House Vandree feared their interference just when all of her plans were coming together. She sent a raiding part to the surface, led by her son Dae’meleth Vandree and her nephew Diavlin. Dae’meleth succeeded in killing Gerben, but was then mortally wounded and left for dead by his own cousin, who returned to the Underdark without him.

The strength of his need to protect his tribe allowed Gerben to return as a spirit bear, working side-by-side with his daughter as she led the tribe as the new Shaman. He saw much of her mother in her as she worked to nurse the Drow warrior back to health. As a spirit, he saw much of himself in that youngling and silently encouraged his daughter’s efforts. When they later bloomed into love he saw the union of their races that he and Fiirnel’ther hadn’t been able to accomplish. As they fought for their lives against Pheral’tibus, he did all that he could to protect them, but he felt the pull of the fates, ivariably pulling them back to their paths. Even though it broke his heart, he knew that the fates wanted him to stay with the dead Dae’meleth until the Raven Queen called for him again.

The day that the Drow was reborn as a Revenant, he was grateful that his painful memories had been erased. He named the boy Dredge, since he had been dredged up to fight the evil that he had invariably helped. Gerber fights by the side of the unbown Shaman, unsure what the fates have in store for them now.



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