Ghost King

Draco-Lich made of the combination of 3 beings who plagued Drizzt and company


A sentient crystal known as Crenshinibon, the red dragon Hephaestus whose fiery breath we’d used to try to destroy it, and an Ilithid named Yharaskrik who was also involved in the Crystal Shard’s destruction. Somehow the plague brought these three powerful beings together into the Ghost King, a Draco-lich, who attacked Spirit Soaring to get revenge on Cadderly, Jarlaxle, and Drizzt Do’urden for killing them. Due to the intervention of Cadderly Bonnaduce, when the Ghost King returned to the Shadowfell to heal, he followed it there and used holy magic to trap it forever in the Shadowfell, but also trapping himself for eternity.


Ghost King

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