Hulderic Tempes

Traveling merchant selling weapons from Akanul, Father of Zanne


Hulderic was born the 1/4 Ice Genasi son of Arc Tempes a great Swordmage and a member of the Silver Cloaks. Hulderic didn’t manifest any of his Genasi heritage, but he had an innate magical ability nonetheless, which he hid from others. He found his calling as a merchant, selling weapons which were crafted by Genasi masters in Airspur all along the Northern country. These weapons bore the telltale bluish hue of metal super-heated by Fire Genasi blacksmiths. Hulderic had a thriving business, though it often kept him from his family for long periods of time. When his father Arc Tempes died, he was given possession of the family sword, Calibourne. The sword would serve him well in protecting him during his years on the road.

During his travels, he often visited the Windsilver tribe to trade with the nomadic horsepeople, and also with the town of Loudwater, where a nice family semi-adopted him. Both locations, though not his home, quickly became like second homes for him and he made sure every year to plan his travels around these two places.

Whenever he was home, he spent as much time with his son, Zanne as he could. The boy showed an affinity for sword play, and Hulderic encouraged this as much as he could, leaving his son to protect his wife (Bridget “Eon”) and daughter (Greta). Unfortunately, both of the women in his life were taken from him by a strange disease, something he couldn’t even see to fight.

Years later, during his travels, his caravan was set upon by bandits and Master Tempes was killed in the ensuing fight. His companions returned the family sword, Calibourne, to his son, who was training at the White Lotus Academy.


Hulderic Tempes

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