Jarlaxle Baenre

Roguish leader of the Mercenary Group, Bregan D'aerthe


Bregan D’aerthe sees the debonair Jarlaxle as its ultimate inspiration. The drow himself is haughty and brash, possessing talents that back up his willingness to brazenly flout drow traditions. Jarlaxle affects a fun-loving demeanor, smiling and joking more than any drow should. He dresses flamboyantly, even wearing an unnecessary eye patch that he switches from one eye to the other as it suits him. A survivor, Jarlaxle always seems to be on the right side of any arrangement, even when dealing with Lolth’s church. He indulges in the pleasures of life whenever he can. Battle doesn’t diminish his jovial manner, but Jarlaxle is deadly and cruel to his enemies. Even so, the drow does whatever is necessary to ensure his continued existence.


Slender, handsome and tightly muscled, Jarlaxle is the dandy of Menzoberranzan. He chooses the brightest colors for his clothes and wears a cape that shines in every color in both the visible and infrared spectrums. Jarlaxle commonly wears high boots and bracelets that can be made to be loud or silent at his discretion. He also wears a magical eye patch that protects his mind from magical and psionic intrusions and allows him to see through walls and other solid objects. He often shifts the patch from eye to eye to keep others guessing as to its powers. Another staple item is his wide-brimmed hat, plumed with a diatryma feather and worn atop his clean-shaven scalp. Jarlaxle’s shaven head is a symbol of his place in Menzoberranzan. In a society where rank and position are indicated by hair style (e.g., male drow nobles all have haircuts specific to their houses). Although beautiful like all Tel-quessir, Jarlaxle has no hair to illustrate that he considers himself removed from the society of Menzoberranzan


Jarlaxle Baenre

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