Kal Clewso

Secretive Merchant Prince


More than a few seekers spurn the assistance of the Monastery of the Precipice out of distrust
or greed. Kal Clewsoro is chief among these. A middleaged male human, Clewsoro has been at Spellgard for two years. He journeys back to civilization every few weeks, returning with fresh provisions and a new crew of workers and guards.

The camp is less than welcoming of visitors—the word being synonymous with “rivals” and “thieves” in Clewsoro’s mind. However, he has a keen interest in mercantile matters, and he tolerates any characters whose goals suggest a possible business deal.

Kal Clewsoro is a garrulous fellow, and his favorite topic of conversation is himself. He speaks of his years in the military and his subsequent career as a merchant prince who started as a lowly teamster. The only topic he does not discuss is what he plans to ask Lady Saharel if they meet.


Kal Clewso

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