Kimmuriel Oblodra

Drow Stand in leader of Bregan D'aerthe


Kimmuriel Oblodra is a powerful psionicist of Menzoberranzan and the last known survivor of House Oblodra[.

A faithful lieutenant of Jarlaxle in the mercenary group Bregan D’aerthe, he is now the leader while Jarlaxle is on his sabbatical to the surface world. He would much rather be improving his psionic powers or studying Illithids than looking after Bregan D’aerthe. As such, whenever he gets a chance, he tries to persuade Jarlaxle to come back to Menzoberranzan so that he can get back to his own work. Still, he recognizes that Bregan D’aerthe would not survive for long if he did not run it the way it was intended to and now charges his former (and hopefully future) master for the groups services when Jarlaxle calls upon them for aid.

In stark contrast to other members of his family Kimmuriel is unemotional, usually stony-faced and very difficult to get even the slightest of smiles out of. His humor is very dry, but often superbly clever.

Kimmuriel has revealingly said of himself that “Little of what I do or say is opinion.”


Kimmuriel Oblodra

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