Lady Saharel

The late ruler of Spellgard - she is now a Prophetic Spirit


Once a High Mage of ancient Netheril, Lady Saharel was ruler of Saharelgard, better known as Spellgard, a now ruined castle complex on the eastern edges of the former Anauroch desert. At some point, presumably after the fall of Netheril (-339 DR), Lady Saharel became an archlich. Lady Saharel continued to watch over Spellgard as an archlich until 1358 DR, when she sacrificed herself in order to destroy the wizard Manshoon and defend Elminster of Shadowdale, with whom she was once a companion and lover.

After the events of the Spellplague (1479 DR), Lady Saharel has become more distant and more powerful as something more than a lich, a sort of prophetic spirit. She appears only rarely, but when she does, it is for a specific purpose: to answer a single question posed by a mortal who has sought her within the Spellgard ruins. No query is off limits. Although no prophecy is supposed to be able to determine the future with complete accuracy, it is said that Lady Saharel’s answers have yet to be proven wrong. As a result, numerous travelers seek the rubble of Spellgard.

Lady Saharel’s knowledge is great. She has answered questions concerning the distant past, events of the present in far-off lands, and what the future holds. She also answers questions regarding the secret motivations of others. She is not infallible, however. The future in particular remains malleable despite prophecy’s attempts to constrain it. Regardless, her answers are uncannily

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Lady Saharel

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