Millek the Thrush

Seeks the largest treasure in the world


This young halfling is recently arrived in Spellgard, and she has but one simple question
for Lady Saharel: “Tell me where a vast, unguarded treasure from long ago lies.”

She cares little for seekers whose questions for Lady Saharel are more personal in nature.
However, Millek has noticed that those emotionally vulnerable seekers are less than attentive to their belongings and their well-being. So far, she has resisted the urge to employ her talents in con artistry and thievery against her fellow seekers. However, if a card game might brighten
spirits in the common room, why, of course she would be happy to play 3 Dragon Ante

Millek spends much of her time in Spellgard around the Scepter Tower, and she has observed dark creepers returning there with one of the alabaster pillars. She has hopes of waylaying a dark creeper in the ruins, then fashioning its clothing into a disguise that might grant her access to the tower and the secrets within.

She tried to sneak in alone and was killed by Thoran’s guards.


Millek the Thrush

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