Elven Shaman of the Oursepaw Tribe in the High Forest


Nitara serves as the Shaman and leader of the Oursepaw Tribe in the High Forest. Some say that she is cold and distant, but those who know her story, know that she buried her heart the day that she buried her mate, who was killed by a Drow. She serves her tribe fairly, and only the spirit animals around her can even bring a ghost of a smile to her lips.

She is very thin, almost like she doesn’t eat enough, with long blonde hair and turquoise eyes. There is an ethereal beauty about her and she moves with the grace of her race. She almost seems to move like a tree with wind flowing through it and all of her movements seem to flow like water.


Nitara (her name means “daughter of the bear” in Choctaw) is the Shamanic daughter of Gerben (which is Dutch for “bear spirit”), the Sword Captain of the Oursepaw Tribe located in the High Forest of the Silver Marches. When her father fought and was killed during a drow raid, she shocked her tribe by showing compassion as she nursed Dae’meleth back to health. At the time, she didn’t realize that she’d seen deeply into his heart and seen a very honorable man there. When he later returnd to the surface on missions for Bregan D’aerthe they met again and fell in love. She abandoned her tribe for her love of him, and she lived on the north-western edge of the forst to be near him as he worked mostly in Everlund and Silverymoon.

When her mate was hired by Jagannatha, she began to see the haunted look returning to his eyes, just like when she’d first met him. She did her best to talk him out of this mission, but honor-bound he continued. When he began his search for the missing gnome, she could see that his true heart was leading him to stop the great evil that he’d helped to unleash. As they were stalked she knew fear for the first time, but she stayed strong for her lover. Looking back, she should have expected him to face Pheral’tibus alone, that was the way of honorable heart. It broke her heart to bury him in the old mausoleum. It was almost doubly hard when the spirit bear, who had been her constant companion for so long, chose to stay and protect the body of her mate.

Heart-broken, she returned to her tribe, and the “family” welcomed her home with open arms. Since that day, approximately 20 years ago, she has returned to Shamanic role that she’d been born for.


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