Half-elf Ranger


Very shy until she gets to know people. Once she gets to be more comfortable, she’d be very laid back. Her responses aren’t always predictable and can be different depending on the situation.

Her wolf was found after she left her family but before she met Koye.

Nomi chooses not to do combos with her wolf yet, preferring to attack from range.


Nomi was the only daughter and eldest child to her human father, Tidorian, and Elven mother, Sylanna (sister to Aria Kayla Rhefeldt mother, Alátriël Rhefeldt), who loved her dearly. With her 7 brothers, she was raised in Agl Aglarond. She was glad that she didn’t have a sister because sisters had the inconvenient tendency to beg attention. When they were very young, her parents left on a trip and never came back. Since they’ve been missing for over 20 years, it is suspected that they are dead. Even though the tribe pulled together to help raise the children, Nomi had to learn to be very clever and resourceful. Since they were half-Elven, the Elves raised them, but never made them feel welcome. The cousins were close friends in their youth, but as they grew, they served only to remind each other of the loss of both of their parents. The only thing both girls had to remind them of their parents were their mother’s cloaks of silver material (obviously of Elven make) embroidered in the corner with the letters “S.C.”.

Nomi learned quickly that money could buy her ANYTHING so she set out to get plenty of it at a young age. Before long she became a traveling vendor who sold souvenirs that she claimed or, rather convincingly, “knew” had magical properties. She had to keep traveling in order to avoid any dissatisfied customers but business was always booming because she could sell a poop flavored lollipop to the Open Lord of Waterdeep.

During her travels, she found a lone, lost wolf cub. He adopted her as his “mommy” and followed her wherever she went. She named him Jasper and soon she began to train him.

After years of traveling she came back to her favorite town, Loudwater, where she had come to know a kind family that lived there. They were poor but always honored her visits with the best feast they could put on. She loved their daughter Tally who was 14, just 7 years younger than Nomi, who always wore a silver bracelet on her left wrist. She would tell Nomi how a travelling merchant had given it to her and visited the family once a year to make sure it was in good condition.

Nomi got to know the family of 3 very well and was excited one autumn, about 3 years ago, to pay them a visit but as she rounded the corner outside the village she could sense something was wrong. As she looked up, the once beautiful cottage, where her friends lived, was now a charred and black building, still smoking lazily. She began to run towards the house as she muttered, “No….” in disbelief under her breath, but she was too late to help. The family had been attacked the night before by 4 men and somehow young Tally was the only casualty. A relative of the family recounted the horrific story to Nomi. She learned that the 4 men entered the house by force and demanded their money but the family had none, nor did they owe the men money for any reason. Tally’s father tried to reason with them but soon it all turned to violence and within seconds Tally was dead and her parents bloodied. Nomi questioned the parents for clues on where to find the men but the only detail they could recall was that the men all wore cloaks that were pinned at the neck with a black medallion in the shape of an open hand. Nomi never did find any information on the men or their clasp but she never lost her anger towards them.

One day in her travels she caught up to a large half-orc who was traveling her same direction. She tried to avoid him but he stayed close saying, “Its not safe for a young women to travel these roads alone!” And so Nomi and her new friend Koye journeyed together. Along their travels Koye even attacked a group of cave trolls who he said, “Were fixing to kill you Nomi!” and so it occurred to her that he could come in handy so she kept him close by.


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