Nyx Silvervine

Gnome Rogue


Meet Nyx Silvervine. A Female Gnome Rogue out of Baulder’s Gate. A rapidly growing city, well populated; in fact, the most populated city in all of Faerûn. She picks pockets without being seen, no one knows she is the one behind a lot of recent thefts. Dodging the Flaming Fists (the unofficial patrol of the city) she makes a living among many many residents. With so many in the city, she could slip in and out of different areas and not be seen again for a long time. A perfect situation for a rogue!

Coming from a large family, all of which ignored her for most of her life, she learned to take care of herself. All of her siblings lost touch and have moved on since they were kids and Nyx has been independent for a very long time. Her mother, Fyre, taught her the art of illusions, such as fading away. It is the most important part of being a surviving rogue. Tricking people, causing distractions, and being able to pick her way out of anything has been handed down through the family. She has perfected these trades and uses them wherever possible. Unfortunately, her parents were too busy with their work, and didn’t spend much time raising their considerable family. So Nyx learned to fend for herself.

Nyx’ last name derives from something her clan put together for the family. Being a family of thieves, and lovers of treasure, it seemed fitting that we come from a “vine” of treasure-loving people. Silver was the treasure term her father accepted, since that was all we lived on when we were very young. These days, Nyx sees MUCH gold and gems, and would like to keep it that way.

Nyx can easily be described. 3’4”, about 55lbs, very short blond hair, black sparkling eyes (much like 2 little orbs) and light colored skin, high cheekbones, and pointy ears. She is very funny and very much so a prankster. She delights children with tricks and games, and most adults find her a bit immature. But around the city, when she chooses to be seen, she acts like a traveler so as not to be too well known by those who have any authority. If she would ever want to leave town, she wouldn’t want to have anyone wondering about her. She’ll come and go as she pleases. She has been known to take-on a few jobs from people outside of the city who came in looking for help. Her sales pitch to them always included her talents sounding like, “I can do this without anyone even knowing I was there…for a pretty penny”.

Her personality is very cute and quirky. When she has to make a big decision, she always has a gold coin handy to act as a grounding method for her. She’ll twirl it around her fingers nimbly as she concentrates hard, and even brush it past her little nose. She swears she can smell treasure. Nyx will squint while pouting her lips when she picks locks, somehow it helps her concentrate more. Kids will giggle at the sight of her doing funny faces when she’s trying to be serious.

The prospect of treasure drives her to take on jobs and help others. She does hope that one day she will feel like she has need to put a little more love into her jobs and not be 100% greedy….maybe only 75%! If there is another thing she hopes for, it is to be the deadliest assassin. A small part of her wants to be the richest gnome as well, but it’s obviously going to happen. Perhaps finding others who are willing to accept her will help her on her way to feeling empathy and not just doing it for the gold? Naa….. But she will try and not solo EVERYTHING in life.

Question and Answer for Lady Saharel

“Please tell me exactly, the easiest way to find the largest treasure that we can actually acquire?”

Though growing up lost within a large family, you will break out and find you own way. No matter how much you try to put the past behind you, deep within, your heart still holds it dear. A mother’s love, once suffocating, may actually set you free. The ruby heart you seek is locked by a crystal key in a Menhir’s embrace, placed there for you by a knowing forerunner. The Feywild hides a dark secret to which others want to lay claim, but which only a competitor may touch. You will have to beat him to obtain it.

Nyx comes from a large family and as one of the many middle children, she had to learn to be rather independent. Her mother made sure that they all lived a rather quiet life, which, in retrospect, was almost like they were trying to stay under the radar. Nevertheless, she was bored (yes, even in the Feywild), so when she was about 50 gnome years old she left her family, never looking back or staying in touch with anybody. Actually, that wasn’t her only reason for leaving; she had a rival named Xanarin Chucklefoot, and the town wasn’t big enough for these two rogues.

The portal that brought her from the Feywild deposited her near Baldur’s Gate, which seemed the perfect place to ply her trade. She started out as a street performer as an alter ego, using her athletics, dexterity, and nimble hands to amuse the masses, while secretly scoping out new marks. She had no intention of joining a Thieve’s Guild and sharing her hard earned loot, so she had to work extra hard to stay beneath their radar. Though, she was almost caught once because Xanarin had also found his way to Baldur’s Gate and he set up a clever trap for her. She made a last minute escape, but her enmity for her rival has grown deeper. The only ones in Baldur’s Gate that she ever felt close to were the children. They don’t make her feel small, they don’t judge her, and they can always make her laugh and cheer her up.

Nyx isn’t saving for anything in particular, but just because she wants to have a pile of coins that she can swim through, only pawning what she needs to survive. She wants to build up her reputation until she can leave calling cards and increase the challenge of her heists. One day, she’d like to strike it big and steal the largest gem in Faerun, Jacynthe’s Heart. Unfortunately, when she was kidnapped by the Black Palms her Bag of Holding and all of her possessions were stolen from her which really ticked her off. Now she’s working to rebuild what she spent the last few years collecting.

Nyx finds that she is freaked out by the Dream, but reassured, at the same time, that she’s not facing it alone. She’s never been a killer, but she’s can sure defend herself and her new friends don’t seem to judge her either. The new revelations about her mother’s past explained much of her actions, but she is still upset about how she had never explained why they were hiding in the Feywild.

Nyx Silvervine

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