Female Human Barbarian


Name: Olanda

Gender: Female

Age: 34

Hair color: Flaming orange-red

Eye color: Dark blue

Height: 6’5"

Build: Built like a mountain

Race: Human

Class: Barbarian

Olanda is an extremely intimidating figure. Tall and muscled, many mistake her for a male and a half-orc to boot! That doesn’t faze her one bit though. She just grins toothily and then breaks something, usually a tree, before walking off. She wears her hair in a thick braid the width of a man’s forearm, her bangs held back by a simple wrap of linen around her forehead. Her leather armor is beaten and worn but well taken care of and her mace is formed from the leg bone of an unknown animal but is banded with steel and spiked. She has the constitution of an ox and her laugh sounds like a bellow but no one is better with children than Olanda.

Like the other fighters, the sickness that plagues their tribe frustrates her. She cannot beat this into submission so when their tribe shaman asked for volunteers to look for a cure, Olanda was one of the first to volunteer.



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