Mysterious Young Man who works for Jagannatha. More than meets the eye!


Young man of about 17-18 summers, lithe but muscular. He seems to walk with a predators grace.

His hair is bright red and tousled like he just got out of bed. His eyes are golden and almost feline in their intensity. There is a great depth in his eyes and he stares at people without blinking as he sizes them up. When he smiles ferally, he has a snaggle-tooth that shows slightly.

He likes to wear loose clothing and will often go shirtless. He has loose flowy pants that have suspender straps, but he usually leaves those hanging by his side. He straps a huge sword to his back which he calls the Blue Dragon, but no one has ever seen him us it. His upper body is covered in a sworling blue tattoo.

From his brief encounters, he seems to be closely studying the PC’s. They know that he works for a being called Jagannatha, but not much more is know.



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