Human Female Druid of the Watchful Owl Tribe


Name: Rhythwar

Gender: Female

Age: 45 but seems ageless

Hair color: Smoky black and long, trailing to her knees

Eye color: Pale white-blue like frost

Height: 5’10

Build: Slim and willowy

Race: Human

Class: Druid

Rhythwar was not born into the Watchful Owl tribe but just one day appeared, a silent but observant young preteen female. She stood on the fringes of the camp, always watching but never approaching any nearer, even when invited. Once noticed, she would disappear and no one could find her unless she wanted to be found. She played this kind of cat and mouse game for months, slipping in and out of the shadows, usually startling the tribesmen but there was never any ill-feeling towards the slip of shadow. She just was, as natural as the animals and the flowers that grew nearby. When the seasons changed and the tribe prepared to move higher up the mountain to where it was cooler, their summer camp, Rhythwar followed and for some reason it was just right that she do so. She slowly integrated into the tribe, finding her place and learning to speak. She is a trusted and highly knowledgeable member. The onslaught of the disease that fell upon their tribe causes her much anguish and she is just as desperate to find a cure as anyone.

Rhythwar is a solemn woman, grave and serious in all things. She moves like a shadow and makes about as much noise as one. She can summon other animals to help her but when she shapechanges, it is not of any known animal but the shadowy almost amorphous shape of the Primal Beast. She was sent North to the far, icy reaches when they were sent out to find a cure.



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