Elf Ranger of the Silver Cloaks


Sylanna used to belong to the Silver Cloaks of Silverymoon. This Elf used her powerful ranged attacks to keep enemies at a distance and to coralle them where the Cloaks wanted them to go.

As part of the Silver Cloaks, they had been charged with guarding the secret of the Mother Node. About 23 years ago when The Drow and Pheral’tibus discovered the secret location of the book containing information on the Node’s seals, the Silver Cloaks were sent to stop them. Even though they could tell that they were outclassed, the Cloaks fought valiantly. Unfotunately, it was not enough, and Sylanna and her husband fell in defense of the secrets they’d been charged to keep. Her companions Thrall and Fyre Silvervine returned the bards silver cloak to her family for her daughter.



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