Warrior-Mage hired by Jagannatha to get info from Lady Saharel. Works for Sarshan.


A Lieutenant who works for Lord Sarshan of the Shadowfell. Jagannatha hired Thoran because of his great knowledge on ancient Netheril and the ruins of Spellgard. The two of them share knowldge of the Analects of Kuryon.

Copies of The Analects of Kuryon found their way across the continent. Among those who read the work was a bitter shadar-kai named Thoran. In his thirst for lore, Thoran had delved deep into the secrets of Netheril, including tales in which the arcanists of Saharelgard were said to have bound and controlled arcane spirits of great power.

JJagannatha hired Thoran for his Knowledge, which he wishes to use to trap Lady Saharel so they can use her seer powers any time they like. Jagannatha wishes to use it to find the remaining seals on the Mother Node, but Thoran is looking to use it to serve his Lord Sarshan with his arms deals (and maybe for his own agendas as well). Currently he and his Dark One Creepers have found some of the alabaster pillars necessary for the ritual, but they are still searching for others when the PC’s arrive in Spellgard.

The ruins of Spellgard have long been legendary for their dangers. However, just two months ago, a shadar-kai adept named Thoran seized the Scepter Tower, one of the few intact structures in the Spellgard ruins. His servants now scour the ruins in search of special alabaster pillars
that can be used as focusing devices for arcane power.

Once Thoran finds eight of these pillars, he plans to ritually summon Lady Saharel and bind her to his will. With limitless prophetic guidance, he intends to carve out a fiefdom within the Fallen Lands. Left to his own devices, Thoran is just another would-be tyrant. However, access to
infallible prophecy would make him a formidable threat to the prosperous lands of the Gray Vale and beyond.

He was sent with a number of followers from the Shadowfell, Thoran journeyed to Spellgard two months ago. From his advanced knowledge of Saharelgard legend, he was able to find his way to the Scepter Tower by negotiating the long-lost catacombs below, disabling the magical wards that had protected the site for millennia. From the tower’s heights, he now surveys the ruined fortress. His followers hunt for the alabaster pillars he needs to perform the binding ritual to capture Lady Saharel,

Thoran uses the Scepter Tower as a base from which his lackeys search for the pillars he needs, killing and terrorizing Spellgard’s seekers as they go. The tower is said to have only one entrance, which can easily withstand a direct assault from even a powerful group of intruder



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