Orc Barbarian who worked with the Silver Cloaks


Thrall used to belong to the Silver Cloaks of Silverymoon. This huge Barbarian was the meat shield and hound dog of the group. When the scout had gotten them close enough, Thrall would take point and carefully lead the group in and out of sticky situations.

As part of the Silver Cloaks, they had been charged with guarding the secret of the Mother Node. About 23 years ago when Dae’meleth Vandree, the Drow, and Pheral’tibus discovered the secret location of the book containing information on the Node’s seals, the Silver Cloaks were sent to stop them. Even though they could tell that they were outclassed, the Cloaks fought valiantly. Early on in the battle, Thrall was mortally wounded and fell off a nearby waterfall, barely surviving. In the end, only he and Fyre Silvervine lived through the encounter.

After helping to bury his friends, and returning the pages that Fyre had stolen from the book they were supposed to protect back to Silverymoon, the barbarian felt too ashamed to return to his home among the Many-Arrows tribes. He spent the next few weeks in a drunken stupor and accidentally got a human woman, Mirya pregnant. The poor woman didn’t survive the birth of Koye. Thrall took his half-orc son home and did his best to raise him there, but Thrall was only a shadow of the Orc that he’d once been.

A few years ago Thrall disappeared and it was whispered that Jagannatha had gotten him.



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