Tulka Deathrattle

Orc Shaman who was perverted into a Death Shaman


Occasionally, one of the proud orc shamans of the barrens will come into conflict with the primal order, delving into the secrets of necromancy or falling under the sway of a necromantic power that warps the shaman’s wisdom. This act is an affront to nature and sees the shaman banished from the tribe, if not killed. But because of the strength it brings to such a leader, these “death” shamans sometimes find followers who enjoy what the association can bring them, or in rare cases, assert control over a war chief and convince the tribe to follow new ways of power.

In Tulka’s case, a gnome Dream-mancer of great power named Marrant captured her during a raid. Rather than experiment on her or kill her, he corrupted her and her connection to the primal world through a powerful necromantic ritual. The ritual replaced the flow of primal energy in her with the necrotic power of death and created a servant who would do his bidding without question.

With the transformation, Tulka walked hand in hand with death rather than life. Her spirit companion fled her and was replaced by an undead death viper—a skinless, decaying, semitranslucent skeletal snake whose bite brings death. To match her changed disposition, Tulka began painting her face to resemble a skull and took up a new implement: a staff carved as a viper and covered in dead snake skins, with a set of fangs protruding from its head and a snake’s rattle embedded within it that sounds whenever she calls upon her power.

Tulka prefers to lead her followers from the back. She has collected a group of orc warriors that don’t mind the abomination of her death magic because of the power and wealth she has brought them; they call themselves the viper clan.

Death Shaman Lore

Nature or Religion DC 10: Death shamans are primal spellcasters who have been perverted by the powers of necromancy. They are an abomination to the primal order.

Nature or Religion DC 15: A death shaman can still command the power of nature, but that power is corrupted with necrotic energy. Though such activity is considered an affront by any normal shaman, a death shaman will employ the use of undead.

Nature or Religion DC 22: The strongest death shamans have the power to conjure terrible spirits from the Shadowfell as companions. The death shaman does still have a link to these perverted spirits and can be hurt when they are destroyed. Not all death shamans chose to become what they are.


Tulka Deathrattle

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