Dragonborn from a porminent clan


A dragonborn from a prominent clan, Vannak has come to Spellgard (with his retinue in tow) to ask Lady Saharel how he might find “the worthiest of all possible mates.” Vannak’s warriors guard their master well, and his daily excursions into the ruins have the appearance of a military parade.

However, not all is well within Vannak’s camp. His forces have taken casualties from wererat and kobold ambushes, and kruthiks mauled four of his guards just last week. With no sign yet of Lady Saharel, Vannak is beginning to worry.

Recently, Vannak’s soldiers detained Hanna Blenn, a young female elf who claims to have met Lady Saharel just last week. Hanna is now a well-kept prisoner in Vannak’s tents, the dragonborn holding her until she explains how she made Lady Saharel appear. What Vannak does not know is that Hanna is lying.



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