Zanne Tempes


Zanne was eldest son of Hulderic Tempes (His Father) and Bridget (Eon = Maiden name) Tempes. He was raised in Akanûl among the Genasi. His father was a weapons merchant, spending about 7-8 months out of the year travelling. He would often talk about his travels and about two young girls he’d often see during his travels (named Lyndria and Tally), that only made him think more about getting home as quickly as he could.

About 5-7 years ago, he just never came home. Finally, one of soldiers who travelled with him, returned, mostly dead, with Hulderic’s sword, Calibourne (Which had been passed down from his father Arc),and news of his death. Then the soldier died not much later from the severity of the wounds he’d received as torture.

I was thinking we could give my mom a low level of magic study of some sort maybe her father/ my grandpa was a wizard/sorcerer or something. Linking the whole me having an unfocused power that i gotta use my sword to channel it through thing. Also i was thinking that i could have had a Draconic Friend whom i trained with and later as we got older was drinking buddies with. He taught me Draconic early on in training process as a second language so we could talk crap about some of the other students without them knowing what we were saying. Not really mean stuff just the kinda stuff kids do on the playground.

Hulderic also has low-level, but very specialized magic power that most people don’t know about… teeheehee!

Question and Answer for Lady Saharel

“Who is behind the dreams and how do I get them out of my head?”

You come from a lineage of heroes guided by a revered blade, but one of hidden shame. Beware, weapons can be used to do great good in the world, or they can unleash great evil. Understanding your past will help you face your future, but your blood relatives keep you from your rightful bequest. Unbeknownst to you, you hold the key to the ancient columns. Seeking the seals will guide you to the one trying to control your fate; fear not, your dreams will help you hold true to the path. Following the path from the orc’s games to where your Spirit Soars, you will find that which you seek.

Zanne was born in Airspur and grew up amongst the Genasi there, treated as a lesser being because he didn’t have elemental powers. The only indication of his 1/8 Genasi heritage manifests whenever he’s really stressed or angry and he gets faint white glowing lines around his eyes. Since the rest of his father’s side of the family were all Genasi, and his mother’s family lived far away, he doesn’t know anyone else in his extended family. So their family was rather insular, especially while his father was selling the Genasi made weapons and magical items as a travelling merchant. Having direct access to these items was the only reason that his family stayed in Akanul. After losing his sister and then his mother to a strange disease, living alone in Akanul was unbearable, made worse by the fact that his father almost seemed to spend less time with him after their deaths.

Luckily, he was soon recruited to the White Lotus Academy and moved there to live and go to school. He earned a partial scholarship which paid for his schooling, supplented by the money that his father would send from time to time. At the Academy, he became fast friends with another outcst, a Dragonborn wizard named Ferrod Kornari. He came from a clan of warriors who had ridiculed the mage in their midst, the opposite of Zanne, and soon they were inseperable. The two of them excelled quickly together at the Academy, quickly bypassing their peers.

When he was about 15, Zanne’s father was killed by bandits and the only thing returned to him was the family sword, Calibourne. With his father’s death, no one made sure that his estate passed on to his son, so Zanne had to finish out his schooling, knowing that he’d owe the Academy favors to pay them back, he felt very honor-bound. Something about the family sword just struck a chord within the young mage. This was the blade his father had trained him with when he was younger, and when the two were brought back together, something clicked and they just bonded.

Zanne had worked hard to catch up with Ferrod so that the two of them could graduate together. After they left the Academy, they both ran missions for the the faculty for a few years, and then an emergency called Ferrod home. Zanne offered to travel with his friend to offer him support, but the Dragonborn explained that he was unwelcome enough, if he brought along an outsider, it would be even worse. So Zanne waved good-bye to his only true friend and finished the mission that he was on… alone.

Zanne has taken to drinking in his free time both for the fun of it, but to try and forget all of the tragedy in his life. Due to his strong sense of honor, he wants to try and save people because he could do nothing to save those closest to him. Somewhere deep inside, he wants to be like his grandfather, one of the few men he’s ever looked up to. He hates the Dream that has come upon them, because he feels like he has no control and no way of protecting all of those people who died in it. It has led him to his current group which has also helped him to discover what happened to his grandfather, but he still doesn’t feel like he’s worthy yet.

Zanne Tempes

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