Festival Days


Month Name Common Name
1 Hammer Deepwinter
2 Alturiak The Claw of Winter
3 Ches The Claw of the Sunsets
4 Tarsakh The Claw of the Storms
5 Mirtul The Melting
6 Kythorn The Time of Flowers
7 Flamerule Summertide
8 Eleasis Highsun
9 Eleint The Fading
10 Marpenoth Leaffall
11 Uktar The Rotting
12 Nightal The Drawing Down

1/31 – Midwinter
  • Midwinter is a feast where, traditionally, the local lords of the land plan for the year ahead, make and renew alliances, and send gifts of goodwill. To the commonfolk throughout the Realms, this is Deadwinter Day, the midpoint of the worst of the cold.

3/19 – Spring Equinox

4/31 – Greengrass

  • Greengrass is the official beginning of spring, a day of relaxation.

6/20 – Summer Solstice

7/31 – Midsummer (Shieldmeet ever 4 years)

  • Midsummer, called Midsummer Night or the Long Night, is a time of feasting and music and love. It is very rare indeed for the weather to be bad during this night—such is considered a very bad omen, usually thought to foretell famine or plague.
  • Once every four years, another day is added to the year in the manner of February 29 in the Gregorian calendar. This day is part of no month and follows Midsummer Night. It is known as Shieldmeet. It is the day of open council between nobles and people, a day for the making and renewing of pacts, oaths, and agreements.

9/21 – Autumn Equinox

9/31 – Highharvesttide

  • Highharvestide heralds the coming of fall and the harvest. It is a feast that often continues for the length of the harvest so that food is always on hand for those coming in from the fields.

11/31 – Feast of the Moon

  • This festival, also called Moonfest, is the last great festival of the year. It marks the arrival of winter and is also the day when the dead are honored. Graves are blessed, the Ritual of Remembrance is performed, and tales of the doings of those now gone are told far into the night. Much is said of heroes and treasure and lost cities underground.

12/20 – Winter Solstice

Festival Days

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