A Love story

The land of Shyr in Abeir was a region populated with Genasi, controlled by the Primordial, Karshimis. The Primordial controlled and oppressed the people with a heavy hand, imposing harsh taxes and working the elemental people to death. Every year he would choose the most beautiful female among his people and take her to wife, adding her to his harem of hundreds. As our story begins, the most beautiful Genasi in the land was an ice child name Ishuld. The way the sun sparkled off her icy skin and hair caught Karshimis’ attention and arrangements were soon being made for the wedding, regardless of the chaotic magic storms that were sweeping the land. The primordial’s sages tried to warn him that a cataclysm was coming, but the leader turned a blind ear, so enamored was he with his new bride-to-be. Soon the storms of blue fire raged across the land, but still Karshimis sent his guards to escort Ishuld to his citadel in Akanul. With a heavy heart, Ishuld accepted her cruel fate. As they were crossing the land with the ice Genasi in a palaquin, the Spellplague struck….

Tristam waa Captain of the Kings guards in the warrior nation of Chondath in Toril, a nation which distrusted magic. Tristam had been sent with his patrol to the port city of Airspur to deal with magic users who were causing trouble. Little did they know that the mages weren’t the cause of the trouble, but that the instability of the Weave was causing chaos all across the land. As they approached the city, the sky erupted with lightning and blue fire. The ground shook, splitting apart, dropping mountains into valleys and shooting flat lands up to towering heights. The patrol fought to keep their feet, trying to take cover, but found nowhere truly safe. Tristam drew his black steel sword and raised it, using it as a beacon to organize his soldiers around him. Suddenly, an arc of blue lightning struck his sword, knocking the captain back, throwing him out of the way. At the same time, a huge land mass smashed into the coast, crushing the rest of the soldiers.

Hours later, Tristam clawed his way to conciousness only to find that his right leg and his left arm were broken, and he had blood clotted all over his face from a head injury, but he was alive. The magic bolt had flung him away from the spot where the new land mass had crashed, inadvertantly saving his life. Dust floated thick around him and the air was filled with the rending and grinding of land masses as the face of Toril was forever changed. The captain called for his men until his was hoarse, choking on dust, but not a single person answered him. As the clouds of ash and dust began to clear, sunlight sparkled on something nearby. Hoping that maybe it was one of his men’s armor, Tristam drug himself over the uneven ground to the body only to discover a being like he’d never seen before. The female humanoid had light blue skin, with energy lines of an crystal blue crisscrossing her in intricate patterns. Instead of hair, she had purplish-blue ice crystal spikes that were more pliant than they looked. Her etheral beauty stole his heart.

Just as she began to stir, there was strange growling coming from the dust, sounding like angry/hungry animals. Tristam put his finger on her mouth, indicating that she should be quiet. The captain rose up his good knee and drew his sword. As he let his mind slip into that place where his body and his blade became one, he subconciously noticed that his blade now seemed to have a faint blue tint to it. Suddenly, out of the mists charged two wild pigs, half crazy with fear, frothing at the mouth, warped by wild magic. With his good arm, he fended off the beasts, barely keeping himself and the Genasi from getting gored. As the last one fell before his blade, he glanced over his shoulder to give a reassuring look to the female, making sure that she was unharmed. Before he could register anything, his eyes rolled back up into his head and he passed out from blood loss and exertion.

When the warrior came to, the icy female had wrapped his wounds with strips ripped from her dress. His broken limbs were also bound up so they could heal correctly and she was using her ice powers to keep the swelling down. She looked at him with such caring in her eyes, but when she spoke to him, the language sounded like ice and rocks being rubbed together. Their mouths couldn’t communicate, but their eyes spoke volumes as they took strength and comfort from one another. They soon realized, through necessity, that they could communicate with their hands and body language. As the Spellplague settled around them, they worked together to protect and care for each other. Once Tristam could move, he and Ishuld found that her nation of Akanul had been ripped from the other plane and transplanted where Chondath and the Western edge of Chessenta had been. As they explored, they found that more of Ishuld’s people, more resilient than they looked, had survived the cataclysm. They were also overjoyed to learn that Karshimis Citadel had not been transposed on Toril as well. Ishuld would no longer have to fear being married to that tyrant and her people were finally free!

Together the human and the Genasi worked together to rebuild the city of Airspur, taking advantage of the earthmotes and watermotes created by the Blue Fire. The human earned the Genasi’s trust and became part of their community. Before too long, Tristam and Ishuld were married, reflecting the hope of the nation to find their place in this new world where fate had granted them freedom. Their firstborn child they named after the lightning which had saved Tristam’s life and brought Ishuld to him. Their love stands as a testimony that people from differing cultures and backgrounds can find that their difference complete each other instead of making them alien. Tristam and Ishuld bore many half-Genasi children and lived long and fruitful lives together. Their ancestors spoke of how, even in their old age, whenever they looked at each other their eyes were still as full of love as when they had first laid eyes on each other.

A Love story

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