A land of open water and deep woods, Aglarond is a nation of humans, elves, and half-elves on a broad peninsula thrust into the Sea of Fallen Stars. Elves and humans have intermingled in Aglarond for centuries—few natives can claim a pure bloodline one way or the other. No other region in Faerûn has a higher half-elf population.

Aglarond Lore: A character knows the following information with a successful skill check.

History DC 15: Thay has literally risen as a land of shadowed death. Exiled zulkirs, former wizardrulers, have appeared in the already Thay-influenced Wizard’s Reach. As a result, Aglarond has been forced to recognize that Thay’s presence (expatriate or not) isn’t going to fade anytime soon. The chronic irritant of Thay galled Aglarond’s newly formed Simbarch Council beyond reason. The nation raised armies and took the fight to the exiled zulkirs. The war was long and fierce, and Aglarond suffered much. Having defeated the Aglarondan advance, the zulkirs-in-exile returned to Thay to proclaim their victory. The Thayan Regent, Szass Tam, rewarded them only with death. The zulkirs left behind administrators and soldiers in the Wizard’s Reach, but in the chaos and confusion that followed the rulers’ deaths, Aglarond declared renewed sovereignty over the area. It remains to be seen whether the Thayan remnants will gainsay the Simbarch Council’s declaration without their former leaders.

Streetwise DC 10: In addition to the threat of an overt attack by Thay’s undead army, evils spawned under Thay’s influence find their way to the wilds of Aglarond’s Yuirwood. To the north, expanding Thesk now encroaches. The Aglarondans get along well with the Nentyarch of the Great Dale, and also with the genasi of the city of Airspur to the south.

Settlements and Features

Aglarond includes both coastal land and communities, as well as the vast Yuirwood forest.


Capital City; Population 70,000

Aglarond’s capital, formerly called Velprintalar, is the nation’s chief port. The inhabitants followed the retreating coast as the Sea of Fallen Stars subsided late in the previous century. They left behind the older, narrower, jumbled buildings of what is now called Old Velprintalar to worsening slumhood. Simbarch Council: Aglarond is ruled by a council of fifteen simbarchs, all spellcasters. They meet in the old Palace of the Simbul, a mansion of pale green stone built upon a rise overlooking the city. The simbarchs inherited both the palace and their titles
from the country’s former ruler, though their current positions required armed strife with outlying populations who were initially disinclined to be governed by the Council.

One simbarch, Seriadne, takes the form of an elf but is actually a malaugrym who seeks to advance her own sinister agenda. Another, Ertrel, works to undermine his fellow simbarchs—he is allied with Ambal, the leader of the Stone Bears thieves’ ring.

Undumor – Thayan Outpost

Aglarond’s grim fortress-city Emmech was lost to Thayan influence and renamed Undumor. This fortification at the mouth of the River Umber houses voracious monsters, vampire knights, and shambling corpses under the command of a necromancer. Forces of untried city youths and battered
woods folk, launched from Citadel Dantalien, join in perennial attempts to clear the undead threat. Rumor has it that Undumor is burrowing under the Umbar River to bypass Dantalien with a tunnel wide enough to disgorge hundreds of shambling corpses each minute.

Watchwall – Southeastern Defense

The Watchwall is a massive, magically engineered stone wall stretching 15 miles from the fortress city of Glarondar to the slopes of mighty Umbergoth. The Watchwall overlooks the Umber Marshes, a morass of bogs, swamps, and mudflats run through with shallow streams that drain south. The Army of the Green Drake consists of a mere 350 troops stationed in Glarond Keep and along the Watchwall. Their numbers are so significantly reduced from their former strength that monsters out of Thay and the Umber Marshes are becoming bolder. Still, the threat along the Watchwall is considered minor compared to that from Undumor. Thus, troop levels remain low, as does morale.

Yuirwood – Peninsular Forest

Aglarond’s signature feature is the Yuirwood, a forest whose humid depths are a dangerous expanse of plaguelands and hostile fey. The woods also contain ancient, malfunctioning portals that open sometimes to a splintered nightmare land of loss, and other times, to the Feywild.

The wild tribes of half-elves and elves of the Yuirwood are suspicious of outsiders, including their fellow citizens living along the coasts. They dispute the rule of the Simbarch Council. The simbarchs, for their part, have made little effort to assert their authority over the denizens of the deep woods. Until recently, they were more concerned with the exzulkirs in the Wizard’s Reach.

Of more concern are the plaguelands hidden in the tangles of the Yuirwood. Ruins of an eladrin civilization litter the forest and seem to attract pockets of active Spellplague, especially within menhir circles. These standing stones are monuments that also mark fey portals that once opened onto a realm called Sildëyuir. A few circles now lead to fragments of that fabled land—islands of solid ground inhabited by strange monsters. A large part of Sildëyuir was pulled
into the returning Feywild, and many eladrin finally found a true home there.


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