Black Palms

This underground group can be recognized by the black hand tattoo on their inner left bicep and the black hand pin the initiates wear at times.

The Black Palms were created by a man named Lonjamin, a black-haired merchant who was badly burned in the fire that killed his wife and son. He was too late to save them and the fire scarred the left side of his head and as he fought to lift the burning beam off his family, the palms of his hands were burned, never to heal properly.

Now, his black-hair sticks up all over and there’s a white shock running from his left side-burn towards the crown of his head. The skin starting at his left cheekbone, and running by his ear is puckered and scarred. He wears gloves to protect the sensitive skin on his hands, but when they are removed, both palms are pure black.

After the loss of his family, Lonjamin lost his will to work. He quickly burnt through his savings and was living on the streets of Everlund, begging. One day, two young men broke out fighting and a crowd quickly formed around them, with the bystanders betting money on the outcome. His blood fired up, Lonjamin found new inspiration in life.

Under the feet of the honest citizens of Everlund, he built his fighting arena. There he could entertain audiences with his blood sport. The front for his Arena is a bar aptly named Bloody Sands. Sure enough, rich merchants in the city were more than willing to pay to watch the fights, and extra money could be made through betting as well. The Black Palms didn’t worry about the local authorities, because most of the citizens enjoyed the gory entertainment, and they would all be implicated together.

Soon, the Black Palms were hunting down or paying for rare monsters they could turn loose against their gladiators. This was going only so well until an enigmatic benefactor began helping them out. Content Not Found: Jagannatha, a reclusive entrepreneur began supporting the Palms. He was the one who came up with the idea for the dreams to lead the Palms, disguised as Priests, to promising individuals. During the local festivals that the “Priests” attended, sure enough, one or two in the crowd would make a scene, which the Priests could then turn to their advantage. These unknowns would then be taken to the Arena and left to fight for their lives. For some reason, these unknown warriors would garner some of the best bets, though, none of them lived very long.

After a prosperous year, the Black Palms have begun to grow cocky, taking liberties of which their benefactor may not approve, but Lonjamin doesn’t care as long as the Palms coffers continue to grow.

Black Palms

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