Important People

Cid Pollendina III = Retired ships captain who is in search of his Grandfather’s lost airship from the heyday of Halruaa. He was on his way to the Scepter Tower when he was captured and forced to fight in the Arena.

Jagannatha = Is the enigmatic power behind everything that is pulling the PC’s together. He’s connected to the Black Palms and their downfall. He had most of the Silver Cloaks killed in order to obtain information on the Mother Node.

Lady Saharel = She is the ghostly seer of Spellgard. People seek her out for her prophecies, which are almost always true.

Lonjamin = Human leader of the Black Palms who lost his wife and child in a fire. Later, he rebuilt in Everlund, creating a fighting arena. He worked with Jagannatha to find new fighters, fulfilling some unknown agenda for his dark master. He was the one who inadvertantly brought the PC’s together and then was killed by them.

Lyndria Windsilver = Baby sister of Fera Windsilver who has gone missing since Fera left to find a cure for the strange plague aflicting her people.

Pheral’tibus = Jagannatha’s General and right-hand-man. He worked with a mysterious Drow to try and obtain information about the mana node from the Silver Cloaks.

Ral = Mysteriuos young man who seems to work for Jagannatha. He also knew about Tally being brought to the Black Palms.

Tally = Young girl who Nomi met during her travels. Tally’s family adopted the Half-Elf and always treated her kindly whenever she visited. During a robbery, Tally was supposedly killed by men with black hand tattos, but actually, they faked her death and kidnapped her. The Black Palms then gave her to Jagannatha, though Lonjamin doesn’t know where she was taken.

Important People

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