Oursepaw Tribe

Elven tribe located in the High Forest mountains. This tribe serves to protect one of the last huge forests on Faerun, as well as protecting the world from incursions from Menzoberranzan, the closest Drow city in the Underdark.

The tribe is usually led by a Shaman. The current shaman is Nitara, the daughter of Gerben, the last Sword Captain (before he was slain by Drow) and Maiara, the previous Shaman.

The wilder elves are stand-offish to all but the travelling nomads, like the Watchful Owl Tribe who have shown their respect for the land. This settlement is a satelite tribe of the main Elven city of LaerLorian


Antinanco (Eagle of the Sun) = Councillor who serves as Chief of this tribe, but serves on the Elven Council in LaerLorian.

Tamaya (In the Center) = Councillor’s wife

Gerben Bor (Bear) = Deceased Sword Captain and Nitara’s father

Hanna Blenn (Grace) = Scout, last seen in Spellgard

Maiara Bor (Wise) = Deceased Shaman and Nitara’s mother

Nahuel (Jaguar) = Current Sword Captain

Nitara Bor (Daughter of the Bear) = Shaman

Ukaleq (hare) = Female Bow Captain

Oursepaw Tribe

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