Silver Cloaks

During the Time of Troubles, the gods were cast out of the Astral Sea and made to take mortal bodies so they could learn humility. During this time Mystra, the goddess of magic, was slain and where her body fell to Faerûn, the land was infused with mana and a human, by the name of Midnight, was raised to the status of godhood. The world is now crisscrossed with underground rivers of magic. Wherever these rivers cross, nodes of intense magic are formed. In the place where Mystra’s body fell is found the Mother Node, the main node, from which all magic flows. Realizing the great potential and possible detriment that this node posed, Lady Alustriel and the high mages who worked with her found a way of hiding this node so that it could not be found or tampered with.

When the Spellplague struck and magic was thrown awry, the spells protecting the Mother Node began to unravel. An adventuring group, known as the Prowlers had a member named Elpis who soon became obsessed with the Mother Node. When they began to question her motives, she slowly but surely killed off the members of her party. Finally, Arc Tempes teamed up with Alustriel’s son, Methrammar Aerasumé and they were finally able to kill Elpis.

Arc retired from adventuring to raise a family, but as others became interested in the Mother Node, Methrammar convinced Arc to help him guard the Node. The wizards of Silverymoon were able to create a way of sealing off the Mother Node from detection and five keys were constructed to create a double layer of protection. Arc put together a group of trusted individuals to help him hide and protect the keys to these seals. This group was called the Silver Cloaks and they were the only ones with knowledge of the seals whereabouts. One of the members penned a cryptic book detailing information in case anything should happen to the members and this was hidden as well. For many years, the Silver Cloaks were able to keep the seals hidden, but then a being named Jagannatha grew interested in the Mother Node and sent elite warriors to retrieve the book. The Cloaks fought to protect it, but they were slain by the Drow and a Rakshasa named Pheral’tibus. Only two of the Cloaks escaped with their lives, Fyre Silvervine and Thrall, stealing back the most important pages of the book.

The book was returned to Methrammar and then these two members went into retirement.

Known Members:

Arc Tempes – Human Swordmage Leader

Alátriël Rhefeldt – Elven Bard, sister to Sylanna

Edwin Rhefeldt – Human Battlemind

Fyre Silvervine – Gnome Rogue

Sylanna – Elven Ranger, sister to Alátriël

Thrall – Orc Barbarian

Emeritus Members

Cid Pollendina III – Human Fighter/Captain – He served the group for a short time, but his love has always been the sea, so he was a reserve memeber, helping to ferry the Cloaks when they needed water travel around the West Coast and the Sea of Fallen Stars. He was never entrusted with knowledge of the seals locations.

Velan Windsilver – Human Warden who only stayed with the group for a few years before returning to lead the Watchful Owl Tribe close to his father’s death.

Silver Cloaks

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