Dream Seekers

Dredge in the Works

Date: 6/6/1479 DR



Dredge sets plans of his own in motion.

As Dredge is sitting in his room, in Silverymoon, thinking about Kimmuriel Obladra’s offer, he felt a slight tug in the back of his mind. As he opens himself up to the now familiar psychic signal from the Psionicist, a purple line appears in midair, twisting clockwise as it spins and opens up a magical doorway. As the drow steps through, Dredge gets a brief look at the room behind him, and upon seeing faerie fire limning the walls, he inherently knows that the male hearkens from the Underdark.

“Well met, ”/characters/daemelethvandree" class=“wiki-content-link”>Dae’meleth Vandree… or do you prefer Dredge now?"

“What can I do for you?”

Dredge remains crouched in the shadowy corner opposite the door, and with two talons tap his forehead indicating they will only be communicating through the mind. When Kimmuriel entered his mind what he’s holding there is a catacomb room where he sits on top of a casket. Light is coming faintly from everywhere and nowhere. (If he tries to probe the mind of my mental self he will see only the same scene. If he looks further he will again see the scene over and over and over. There is also no door in this place as we are in the inverse of how I locked my memories last time. All memories of everything are locked outside of this room. For all purposes I am a blank mental slate.)

“Many names….seasons…. autumn, spring, winter, summer….. yet they are never exactly the same are they dear one.”

“…..I wish to renew association with the brotherhood. Though I do have …conditions.”

“Conditions? Do tell, Elf of all seasons…”

Dredge feels a slight gentle probe, but the psionicist recognizes the barriers for what they are and searches no further.

“Please share your conditions and I will see if they are acceptable to the group as a whole.”

“I believe that you will find them if nothing reasonable. Refer to this as Condition 1; I reserve the right to determine what missions I will or will not accept. Especially that there are No questions asked and no consideration of disloyalty. ‘Muriel I’m sure you have done your homework and know what sort of companions with which I travel. As they are, they are short on trust and view my dealings already with suspicion. I will not risk my position. Now as a result of my first condition, feel free to withhold full “benefits” and make them a reason to take on your errand. Under this condition I would expect nothing less.

“Now for Condition 2; You and anyone else stay out of my head unless I invite you. Know this, if you do this I will be more forth coming with information than I would otherwise be.

“On that note, will I divulge in good faith of condition 2. What I have managed is to infiltrate the Silvercloaks. Not a bad reason for condition 1 as well eh?

“Kimmuriel my final Condition is; I expect you to be more candid when I ask questions of you. I hope this is the least that you can do for the gift that I offer.

“My compatriots and I have procured an airship. Maybe your reach is long but I doubt it is as long as an airship could provide. Under these circumstances I can “influence” where that ship heads and may be able to act as emissary in places you wish to gain a foot hold.

“Right now these are my four conditions. I think I have been more then fair in them. Especially given that I once played a more active role. Lets see now, will you accept them?”

Kimmuriel looks at Dredge thoughtfully, carefully considering his words.

“Your first condition makes sense and we would wish to do nothing to compromise your cover, especially if you are part of such a secretive group as the Silvercloaks. Since you get to pick and choose which missions you will take, then we get to choose which benefits you shall receive or not.” The Drow smiles coyly at the Shaman.

“You must understand that Condition number 3 may be hard for me to fulfill. Candor has it’s place, but with all of the balls that I am currently juggling, while Jarlaxle is busy with his own affairs, candor could compromise other endeavors which are in place, and might even bring you harm which you do not wish. As one who commonly converses with the hive mind of Illithid, I know when candor is necessary and when it is not. You will have to re-earn that trust and understand that I mean you no disrespect, but Jarlaxle is the one of the few who garners my candor… and even then, there is much that I withhold from him… for his own good.” As Dredge looks at him, he can only feel as if the psionocist is being as truthful as he can.

“Hmm, and you have an airship? Ah, the possibilities. I am curious as to your next few destinations, maybe I can find a way to work this into getting you started right away. Oh, and you mentioned four conditions, but I only heard three…”

“I would expect nothing less with what you say about candor. I am only asking for you to be as truthful as you can. Besides as we both know being truthful as a drow would be what other beings might consider lying. heh heh….

“The next destination is Many Arrows. After that Akanul was mentioned but who knows what fate has planned between now and then….. hehe.”

“I have provided all of my conditions. Four you have heard. I’m sure you will need time to mull it over.”

“Until then do we have the whispers of a bargain?” Dredge reaches out to shake in agreement.

‘Yes, I do believe that we have an accord, no time for mulling needed." Kimmuriel looks at the Revenant’s hand for a split second before sighing and deigning to shake it in return.

“Many-Arrows… we have an agent there by the name of Bruhvayas, a Drow in disguise amongst the Orcs. Let him know where your next destination will be, and he’ll get word to me. Depending on your next location, I might have something for you to do. It is a pleasure to have you working with us again.” With that, the psionicist gave a slight nod of respect and then the portal opened behind him and he stepped back through.



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