Dream Seekers

Under Spirit Soaring 1

Date: 6/18/1479 DR


Seal #1 Fera’s carrying Small Catacomb Chapel It was part of the burial bier

Further investigation reveals more of how and why Koye and Nomi were killed. The group continues to search the catacombs and finds one of the Seals in the chapel. Next to it, they also find a den of wraiths…

In the catacombs of the Spirit Soaring, the SilverCloaks stared in shock at the dead bodies of their former teammates. Nomi and Koye lay tortured to death, their hands still interlocked in a last embrace. The silence drug on until Aria suddenly gasped. She understood that they had been tortured and killed in the cathedral and their agony, despair, and death must have been used to fuel an abhorrent ritual that would defile the sanctity of this edifice. She could actually feel the traces of it lingering. She and Zanne then went to inspect the magic left behind by the portal used on the wall, aided by Nyx. Dredge sent out feelers to the spirits in the cathedral, but only got back fragments of chaos. Fera, on the other hand, decided to study and follow the footprints they’d found tracking through the blood. The medium sized set of boot-prints headed towards the wall and disappeared through the portal, which the mages were able to detect had brought someone here and then taken them away, their destination unknown. The warden suspected that those prints had belonged to Jagannatha, since their dream led them to believe that he was the one who’d tortured and killed the couple. The paw-prints led back the way they’d come, probably exiting by the hole in the roof. The largest boot-prints led to the north, and down the farthest passageway from them. She decided to follow.

At the end of the long room, she found a small anteroom, cut off from her by a lowered portcullis, which seemed to be controlled by a lever in the anteroom. Fera tried her hand at lifting the portcullis by herself, but she had no luck. She looked to Dredge, who had wandered over to see what she was up to, but he shrugged and reminded her that he wasn’t very strong physically. But he did send Gerben to bring the others over to help. When the rest of the Silver Cloaks joined them, Nyx commented that she had something that could help. She cast a small cantrip and a hand reached out and pulled the lever, lifting the rusty portcullis, which made a horrendous noise that echoed through the catacombs. Everyone winced, but there was nothing to be done about it. They wandered through the door on the far side of the anteroom, and found themselves in a smaller chapel, which had probably been used for funerary services for the dead and their friends and families, with a bier at one end, and the room was filled with wooden pews. There were moth eaten black curtains covering the north and west walls, and Dredge hurried over to check behind those right away. The rest of the group wandered closer to the bier as they noticed that the front of it was carved with a detailed frieze showing the glowing light of knowledge surrounding a great book with a yin-yang symbol on one page (obviously representing the holy, balanced knowledge of Deneir ) As the group studied the bier, they could almost feel a holy power radiating from it, which would explain why no shadow-creatures had tried to make their way into this room. As Dredge joined the group, the mages began to discuss how the yin-yang symbol didn’t really seem to be part of the original carving. So Fera pulled out a knife and began to carefully pry the circle out. With patience and skill, she finally got it out. As she pulled it out, Zanna was finally able to magically see the item for what it was… one of the 5 Mother Node seals. An argument broke out over whether they should break the Seal like the Prophecy had said, or whether to keep it safe. Aria pointed out that the Seal was emanating a holy radiance which could aid them as they dealt with the shadow-creatures, so it should be worn, out in the open, so that it’s radiance could help them (and not put in Nyx’s Bag Of Holding like she’d suggested). The group agreed with this logic and set off to follow the large footprints that the Warden had found.

They returned to the large hall and took the first right, the air seemed to grow cold and thin. At the next intersection, their breaths began to mist in the air before them, as ghostly, wraiths coalesced in the room to their left. With a dull moan, some wispy wraiths lunged towards the group, trying to get at their warmth. The group launched into action, attacking the undead, killing the smaller ones first, and then ganging up on the 2 more powreful ones. They danced around the fallen gear of the unlucky who had fallen before them and become wraiths in their own turn, and finally the last wraith moaned and disappeared. Fera thanked Aria for suggesting they keep the Seal out, since it had seemed to keep the Wraiths from regenerating. In some of the gear lying around, they found a golden statue of Deneir.



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