Dream Seekers

Under Spirit Soaring 2

Date: 6/18/1479 DR


Gloves of the Healer Dredge Room 6 Found on one of the Dark Ones

Delving deeper into the Catacombs under Spirit Soaring, the group found more and more creatures from the Shadowfell had invaded their realm. Surely this couldn’t be normal!

Room 13
After sending the Wraiths back to the Shadowfell the group moved forward, exploring deeper into the catacombs of Spirit Soaring. This room sparkled with strange glittering clouds that floated around the room. As soon as the group entered, the sparkles attacked. As they fought, Aria recognized them as Griefmote Clouds, the grieving fragment of a dead soul, trapped in the Shadowfell. As the last bit of grief, is chased away, the group follows the hall into the next room.

Room 5
Curved Wall

This next dark room curved at an odd angle, bending to the right. As their light enters the room, there is a slight scuttling sound, and then forced silence. Guardedly, the Seekers enter the room, Nyx scouting ahead, silent and invisible. As the light fills more of the room, the group is attacked by a group of Shadow Stalker knights and a Shadow Speaker, who uses clay pots of Shadowfell earth to power his spells. The little stalkers seem to have taken this room for their camp and they defend it to the death. Strangely, the group notices that Dredge’s feathers turn a blood red, the more damage he takes. As the last defender falls, the group finds many sleeping bags and locked chests. Zanne decides that he wants to use a card from the Dredge Deck and draws the 5 of Wands, which causes all closed devices to open. All of the chests open, but so does everything else in the room…

Zanne draws a card

Room 6

As the group follows the L-shaped hallway, they can hear quieted noises around the corner. In the next room there are more Dark Ones, but as the group steps in to confront them, Darkmantle Envelopers drop from the ceiling to grab the groups. Once the surprise wears off, the group fights back, no longer caught off guard. On one of the Dark Ones, Dredge found a magical glove.

Dredge creates a rap for Nyx… which he should never do again!



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