A magical sword made from black steel with a blue tint that has been part of the Tempes family for generations.

Master Tempes used this sword to survive the cataclysm known as the Spellplague (1385 DR). It was then used to protect his Ice Genasi wife who was very lost when the Genasi nation of Shyr was transplanted from Abeir. Together they had a son which they named Arc Tempes.

When Arc come of age at 16 (1415 DR), the sword was passed to him as a present from his father. Arc then used Calibourne during his adventuring career, unfortunately staining it with the blood of his companion gone insane, Elpis. After that, he hung up his swordbelt to settle down, until he was called by Lady Alustriel to lead the Silver Cloaks. The magic sword served him well for the rest of his life, until he met his demise at the hands of Jagannatha’s lackeys. His surviving companions returned the sword to his son, Hulderic Tempes.

Hulderic used Calibourne to protect himself during his travels as a merchant and later to teach swordplay to his son, Zanne Tempes. Hulderic had never been much of a fighter but he could hold his own. Unfortunately, bandits caught the merchant caravan by surprise and Hulderic was slain while trying to protect his men. The survivors passed Calibourne along to Zanne who was studying at the White Lotus Academy.

Zanne now carries the family sword with him as he and his new adventuring companions trying to unravel the mystery of Jagannatha and the dreams they’ve been experiencing.


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