The Baronies of Erlkazar are home to a small population of simple folk scattered through tiny, pastoral villages. Such peace is presumably maintained by the Baronies’ relative insignificance and proximity to the Vilhon Wilds, though stories tell how this sleepy, out-of-the-way place was once harried by gangs of bandits. Those marauders are gone, or at least they no longer bother with Erlkazar. Instead, border regions of Calimshan, Tethyr, Amn, and Turmish are victimized by midnight raids from a well-organized bandit army. No one knows where the bandit army is based—no sign of the night raiders appears in idyllic Erlkazar.

Erlkazar Lore A character knows the following information with a successful skill check.

History DC 25: The vampire Saestra Karanok, once a native of the city of Luthcheq in Chessenta,
was discovered by her horrified father and driven out on pain of destruction. After several years wandering southern Faerûn, she ended up in the sleepy, out-ofthe-way realm of Erlkazar. It didn’t take Saestra long to exert her influence over the bandits there, and she soon had them united under her thrall. The bandits, some now vampires in their own right, ceased their raids in Erlkazar.

Streetwise DC 35: Through wiles and threats, Saestra garnered the cooperation of all five baronies. She seduced and then transformed the king, leaving the palace in Llorbauth a haunted symbol of the realm’s true ruler. When the sun shines, the Day Baronies of Erlkazar live on, unmolested by either vampires or bandits. After sundown, though, the Night Barony holds sway, using Erlkazar as a base of operations to raid caravans, settlements, and even cities from the edge of the Plaguewrought Land to the east, south into Calimshan, and west into Tethyr and

Settlements and Features

From time to time, adventurers trail bandit raiders from surrounding lands to Erlkazar, where
they find only peasant villages, incapable of hiding anything the size of the army they were after. The simple townsfolk are welcoming and friendly, and are bewildered if asked about a raiding army. After sunset, however, the villagers lock themselves in their houses, and nothing can convince them to go out at night. That’s when the vampires rise up from their caves, and with their bandit minions, slay the troublemakers.

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